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    The 3 Types of Holidaymaker

    When the good people of Earth are not tapping at keyboards, sighing at the size of the supermarket queue or gazing wistfully through bus windows, they’re living out their dreams somewhere far from home. Our Short Breaks offer countless ways for all types of holidaymaker, be they families, couples or lone rangers, to slip the leash of monotony. It occurred to us that not every holidayer is after the same thing. There are the Luxury Lovers who relish the finer things in life, like four-poster beds in high-ceilinged rooms a stone’s throw from a private spa. We have the Wild and Wacky Wanderlusters, not content until they’ve ticked a box from…

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    10 Reasons to Visit Liverpool

      Perched on the banks of the River Mersey, Liverpool is a city of rich cultural heritage, fantastic energy and with endless ways to stay entertained. Famed for being the home of The Beatles, two Premier League football teams and one of the most distinguishable (if not occasionally confusing to outsiders) accents the UK has to offer, there’s much more to Liverpool than meets the eye. Thinking about visiting the vibrant Northern city? Read on and feel inspired! 1) The music scene is world class A post shared by The Beatles Story (@beatlesstory) on Jan 16, 2018 at 3:25am PST I don’t know if you’ve heard of them, but a half…

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    A Londoner’s Guide to London

    Known for its gourmet sensations and late night temptations, quirky adventures and trendy bar benders, London is the UK’s beating heart and a must-visit for intrepid travellers and culture lovers. However, with London tourism booming (a record 19 million people visited our capital in 2016) the sheer amount of people flocking the streets can be overwhelming, not to mention the endless things to do and see. Forever the advocate of an easy life, we’ve rounded up a list of the top attractions you just can’t skip on a trip to the city. From the best dining spots and watering holes to theatres, spas and sports venues, there’s something to suit…

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    10 Reasons to Visit Yorkshire

    Yorkshire puddings, Wensleydale Cheese, John Smiths beer, Yorkshire tea….you could say we’ve got a lot of things to thank Yorkshire for. But there’s so much more to the Northern county than good grub and a decent brew. As a nation, we’re often guilty of heading abroad in search of sunshine and adventures, neglecting the fact that some of the most beautiful holiday destinations lie right on our doorstep. And so many of these are located in God’s Own County! In honour of Yorkshire Day (1st August), we’ve come up with a selection of fantastic things to see and do in Yorkshire, proving that a UK break truly is underrated. Read on and…

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    Photography Tips: Capture Your City

    Smartphones are as much a part of our daily lives as breakfast, lunch and dinner, and everyday across the planet we share billions of pictures snapped by ‘phone. More and more people are dabbling in the world of  photography, whether for the purpose of recording memories, enjoying a new hobby, or purely for the benefit of social media. But nothing quite beats the precision, composition and clarity of professional photography, no matter how many filters have been applied to a smartphone image. For many budding photographers, cities serve as a muse – and just because they don’t present the same serenity and natural allure as landscapes, it doesn’t mean they are lacking in beauty. Filled with…

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    The Top 5 Countries to Visit for Amazing Vegetarian Cuisine

    One of the most satisfying and eye-opening elements of travelling the world, has got to be sampling the fantastic array of cuisines unique to each far flung area of the globe. As a vegetarian, however, you can sometimes find yourself limited for options. Anything from religion and tradition, to personal ethics and available resources, can have an influence on a nation’s eating habits; and whereas vegetarianism is prevalent in some countries, it is near to non-existent in others. We know there’s nothing worse than having to live on a bland diet of chips and salad while on holiday, so in recognition of National Vegetarian Week, we’ve come up with a list of veggie-friendly travel destinations,…