• Kathmandu in Nepal.

    5 Reasons to Visit Kathmandu

    Flamboyant, fragrant and frenetic, the incredible city of Kathmandu is at once fascinating and frustrating. A favourite of backpackers and culture vultures, the capital’s tourism industry is slowly recovering from the aftermath of the 2015 earthquake, which devastated the city exactly two years ago. In spite of lingering damage, Kathmandu’s astonishing life-force seems more resilient than ever and it’s an overwhelmingly lively and energetic atmosphere that permeates the streets today. In a city well-known for its rich and colourful culture, the locals go about their daily lives against a backdrop of ancient temples and bustling market squares. With large Hindu and Buddhist populations, the area is an important place for…

  • Travel

    10 Reasons to Visit Newcastle

    WIN Afternoon Tea for Two at The Vermont **THIS COMPETITION IS NOW CLOSED** OUR COMPETITION CLOSED AT 12PM ON MARCH 2017. THANK YOU TO ALL OUR ENTRANTS. ONE LUCKY WINNER WILL BE TAKING AFTERNOON TEA AT THE VERMONT HOTEL! Springing up from the north bank of the River Tyne is the city of Newcastle, the most populous in North East England. Once a linchpin of the wool trade and amongst the world’s largest ship-building centres, today Newcastle is a bustling university city offering much in the way of the arts, sciences and architecture. It’s famous for its nightlife, frequently making it into ‘top 10’ lists of the UK and even the world.…

  • Manchester

    7 Reasons to Visit Manchester

    Home to world-famous football teams, iconic bands, Coronation Street and chips and gravy, Manchester is Northern England’s diverse, energetic and creative hub. For anyone planning to visit for a weekend or perhaps thinking of moving north, read on for 7 reasons why you should definitely consider Manchester. We also have a few exclusive top tips from some Manchester based bloggers who love their city! Got the travel bug? Take a look at our guide to Amsterdam for some interesting tips for the Dutch city.

  • The Bucket List
    Lifestyle,  Travel

    The Bucket List – The Three Horseshoes Hotel and Spa

    As part of our plan to help others #LiveALittle in 2017, we promised we’d celebrate #BucketListThursdays by providing one person (or couple) a month with an experience to tick off their list! And we’ve done just that. The Three Horseshoes Country Inn and Spa is located on Blackshaw Moor, near Leek, in Staffordshire. Offering panoramic views of rolling green countryside and the peaks of the nearby National Park, it’s a paradise for photographers, ramblers, honeymooners and more. In fact, its location is so perfect, there’s been an inn at the same site since the early 1800s. Fast-forward to 2017, and the Country Inn and Spa is a tastefully decorated hotel with…

  • Amsterdam 5 places to see

    Top Things to See and Do in Amsterdam

    If you Google Amsterdam, you’ll find many travel guides are based around the things everyone knows make The Netherlands’ capital an unbeatable stag or hen night destination: its controversial red light zone and the comparatively relaxed legal attitude to a certain herb. But Amsterdam is so much more than cannabis cafes and strip bars – it’s a great place for shopping, culture, gastronomy, entertainment and sightseeing. So why not take a short break or cruise to Holland’s beautiful capital and explore some of the attractions that make this city stand out? Amsterdam’s Markets Amsterdam is home to a number of truly unique markets, where visitors can buy everything from ancient cameras to fresh…

  • Blue monday rain

    5 Places We’d Rather Be On Blue Monday

    It’s the most… miserable day… of the year! (Did you sing that in your head to the tune of a certain Christmas song? We did!) Don’t worry, read on to the end as we plan to make it just a little bit better. Why IS Blue Monday called Blue Monday? If you’re expecting some profound, ancient meaning drawn from early pagan tradition or a complicated combination of planetary alignments and energy channels – you’ll be disappointed. Blue Monday originated as part of a distinctly un-profound marketing campaign, run by travel company Sky Travel in 2005. They claimed to have calculated (using what figures and formulae, no-one knows) which day of the year…