• beautiful view of cornwall with boats on the sea

    10 Reasons to Visit Cornwall

    For rustic coastlines, turquoise coves, sandy beaches, quaint seaside towns, fish and chips, cream teas, pasties, chic hotels, camping sites galore and its charming West Country twang – visit Cornwall. And all these wonderful things are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Cornwall’s finest offerings and why this picturesque corner of our little island is such a hotspot for tourists seeking a laid-back British break. To give you your next dose of staycation inspiration, we’ve come up with our top 10 reasons to visit Cornwall. Have we missed anything off? 1. Cracking Cream Teas It’s practically a crime to visit Cornwall without sampling one of their…

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    Dog Friendly Breaks

    To most dog owners, canine pals are as much a part of the family as any other member. So, when it comes to enjoying a break away from home, it only seems fair that furry friends should be included. Fortunately, there are tonnes of dog friendly holiday spots around the UK, many of which are more than happy to accommodate our fluffy friends, so there really isn’t any reason they can’t join in the fun! The great British outdoors is the perfect destination for unbeatable walking routes and dog friendly tourist sights, so we’ve put together a list of the top accommodation in Blighty, where cuddly canines are welcomed with…

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    Plenty to see here – the UK’s most romantic and exciting short breaks

    Summer might not be cancelled after all. With news that the Government has agreed ‘air bridges’ to France, Spain, Italy and Greece, allowing tourists to travel without quarantining for 14 days upon returning, holidays abroad aren’t feeling like pipe dreams anymore. But if you’re looking for a weekend or short break that’s closer to home, you’re not alone. In fact, a Sky survey of 2,412 Britons found that 68% of people are not planning international travel in the next six months. Luckily, there are lots of fantastic holiday options available right on our doorstep.  From Hobbit Holes to Mongolian Yurts, here’s our pick of the UK’s best short breaks and weekend…

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    Here are the best virtual tours of London’s museums and galleries

    “Culture gives comfort in times of turmoil, it unites us and makes us understand what it means to be human.” Hartwig Fischer, Director of the British Museum. It turns out that Fischer wasn’t alone in his thinking. According to ITV, the British Museum has seen a massive spike in online visitors since closing its doors. In fact, the site saw an incredible 978,548 users in the first two and a half weeks of March. Amazingly, this is double the amount of traffic than it had in March 2019.  But what’s caused this sharp peak in interest? Virtual tours.  That’s right. In 2020, being on lockdown doesn’t mean you have to…

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    London Culture – broaden your horizons

    It’s hard to talk about our vibrant capital without mentioning days full of rich diversity and culture. With so many museums, unique theatre and art workshops, there is never a dull moment. There is so much more to experience than just Oxford Street and other tourist-focused attractions, so let your London culture intake grow. Instead of joining the crowds, break the mould and head for some thrilling theatre with immersive shows, wander through interesting museums and old properties and discover a wide variety of exciting art workshops. CRAFT WORK First greenwood spoon carving class – work in progress, learnt so much from the fabulous @barnthespoon today 🙏 #barnthespoon #spoons #spooncarving…

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    Extreme Swimming Pools and Water Features

    When the summer sun is at its zenith, all we want to do is get ourselves beside water. A river, a paddling pool, a puddle: we’ll take it. So it’s not difficult to see why we’re dreaming about far-off fantasy pools today. Take a look at the planet’s most extreme swimming pools and man-made water features, which we’ve gathered in one place for your viewing pleasure. And while you’re here, check out our Extreme Water Sports gift experiences too; we’ve got hundreds of ways for you to embrace the Big Blue across the UK. Now, with high temperatures forecast for our imminent future, wouldn’t you rather be floating serenely in one…