• Laura marshall

    Love the blog!! Just an idea, have you ever thought about sending people of to do your experience and then getting details about what they enjoyed/hated etc. Sending people that are not interested in certain expereinces and getting there feedback (and pictures) would really help a few of your customers. For example most dads are hopeless at cooking and most mums are not really into high speed cars. So sending the dad of for cooking lessons and mum on a rally experience and then blogging about there day would be such fun to read and give people (as well as me) so much help on what to pick!
    Thank you, xxx

    • Issy

      Hi Laura, thanks for the comment. We’re really open to hearing ideas about what people want to see on the blog, and will take your suggestion into consideration. Many of our customers send in reviews and images, and occasionally we do hear about an experience being taken that someone wouldn’t have chosen for themselves, so that’s something we could think about featuring.