Summer Breaks

Alternative Summer Breaks: Camping and Glamping

Summer has well and truly arrived!

With the promise of blazing sun, warm weather and blues skies comes the desire to head out on a summer break, but this year, rather than head to a hotel, why not try something a little different?

With this in mind, here are a few alternative summer breaks that might just take your fancy…

Summer Breaks


Camping makes for a fun, active and economical summer break – and it’s a great way to really get back to nature.

You don’t need to take too much with you and there are lots of beautiful, fully-equipped camp sites dotted all over the UK, some even boast exclusive access to local nature trails, lakes or beaches. Not a terrible way to spend a couple of days!

Did you know? Camping was officially invented by American author and clergyman, William H H Murray back in the 1860’s.

Summer Camping Breaks

VW Camping

For outdoor types who are looking for a little more excitement than regular camping, hiring a classic VW camper van might just be the answer.

These iconic vehicles not only look the part, but come complete with cooking facilities, a place to sleep and the best part is, there’s a whole community of bug lovers out there! There are VW camping events taking place throughout the summer, all offering exciting displays, shows and live music – and they’re lots of fun.

Did you know? To date, around 10 million VW camper vans have been built and if all placed end to end, they would be able to stretch around the whole world.



Although very similar to camping, glamping is ideal for those who like the idea of getting back to nature but don’t really want to ‘rough it’.

This more glamorous style of camping is becoming increasingly popular in the UK and it comes in many forms, with anything from large yurts to a Western style wagons on the menu. Glamping provides the sensation of camping but with a lot more creature comforts and is a great option for a fun-filled summer break with the family.

Did you know? The word yurt comes from the old Turkish term for ‘dwelling place’.

If all this talk of summer, nature and the great outdoors has sparked your interest, feel free to have a look at our fantastic range of glamping breaks.

Tell us about one of your best ever summer breaks.

Images: haRee, forest history society, photos by luke, carl spencer and bas boerman via flickr

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