4 More of the Worst Eurovision Entries Ever

It’s that time again. You know, that time of year where the pick of the Eurovision litter will be strutting their stuff in a bid to become continental pop champions and claim ultimate glory for their country.

Last year we gave you (in our humble opinion) the 4 worst Eurovision entries ever. We didn’t want to break tradition so we did some digging and found 4 more terrible entries for your viewing (dis)pleasure.

1. Michalis Rakintzis – S.A.G.A.P.O

Often referred to as a nightmarish dystopian Take That, Michalis Rakintzis and his merry band of guitar synth wielding men unleashed this pop blunder on an unsuspecting Eurovision crowd in 2002. Prepare for weird suits, odd lyrics and awkward dancing.

2. Dustin the Turkey – Irelande Douze Pointe

If weird avian puppets freak you out and you’re not a fan of cheesy Irish techno-folk (it’s quite a rare genre), then you probably shouldn’t bother with this one. Needless to say, Eurovision 2008 was a bad year for Ireland!

3. Daz Sampson – Teenage Life

Regrettably, this is the UK’s 2006 Eurovision entry and it’s possibly one of the most cringe-tastic pop performances of all time. Some people shouldn’t be allowed to rap, go anywhere near a microphone, or dress themselves for that matter.

4. Guildo Horn – Guildo hat euch lieb

Guildo Horn looks like a cross between Terry Nutkins and Quasimodo and his voice is as rough as sandpaper; however, this song is strangely uplifting (in a really annoying way). Guildo was once described as ‘a vision in turquoise velvet.’ We’re not convinced.

We hope these terrible Eurovision entries don’t give you nightmares and if you do dare to watch all of the action tomorrow night, keep us updated via Twitter or Facebook.

Images: Daniel Kruczynski via Flickr
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