We take a look back at some of the worst Eurovision entries ever ahead of this year's competition.

The Four Worst Eurovision Entries Ever

In case you didn’t already know, it’s Eurovision time again.

Tomorrow night the cream of the Eurovision crop will be representing their various countries by singing a song each, in one of the world’s longest running TV shows – and it’s going to be a good one!

But this year, rather than celebrate the triumphs, we thought it’d be much more fun to take our pick of the worst Eurovision entries ever (earplugs at the ready)…

1. Scooch – Flying the Flag

This British four piece were one of our worst Eurovision entries ever and were not unlike a poor man’s Steps (but with one less member) and managed to come 23rd out of 24 in 2007. This aerial themed entry is enough to make your eyes water – let’s hope we do better this year!

2. Piero and the Music Stars – Celebrate

This song was so terrible, it didn’t even make it to the finals. In fact, it actually came rock bottom in the semi’s with a whopping nil points – needless to say, these guys weren’t celebrating after that performance.

3. Valentina Monetta – The Social Network Song

This was San Marino’s 2012 entry and frankly, it’s enough to put you off social networking for life. It was originally called The Facebook Song but as Eurovision forbid product placement in song titles, it got changed at the last minute. It probably did get a lot of Facebook shares at the time, but for all the wrong reasons.

4. Ping Pong – Happy Song

Rather than make people smile, Ping Pong’s Happy Song is enough to make even the most rational person want to throw their headphones in the bin. This was Israel’s 2000 entry and much like Flying the Flag by Scooch, it came 23rd out of 24. A wonderful achievement!

If you think you can do better than these guys or you’d like to recreate your own Eurovision hit, take a look at our range of music and recording studio experiences.

Who do you think will win tomorrow?

Image: greg ROBLETO via Flickr
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