Team RLD for Willow at Gauntlet Games
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Team RLD do Gauntlet Games for Willow

Regular readers of our blog will know that Red Letter Days staff never turn down the opportunity for charity fun, and going the extra mile for Willow is our favourite speciality. And so last Saturday, Trent Park saw big numbers out in force for Team RLD, at the king of wet and wild obstacle courses – Gauntlet Games.

There were gladiators (obviously), there was sun, there were gorillas giving out bananas, there were random men in make up and pink tutus, there was a sumo wrestling ring. And there was a helluva lot of water!

obstacle course with tyres in a swimming pool

Gauntlet Games banner

Team RLD
Team RLD – the extra eager ones who turned up early enough for the photo opportunity :-)

In similar vein to being able to experience most of the joys of Glastonbury from the comfort of home, we give you a flavour of the Gauntlet Games via our scroll through our picture post. You don’t even have to get wet. However, if you prefer to, please throw a couple of buckets of cold water over yourself now. And then look on…

Collage of Gauntlet Games event

Collage of Gauntlet Games

Collage of Gauntlet Games

Gauntlet Gladiators banner

Team RLD
Team RLD still smiling near the end (I think we’d lost a few on the way)

Aside from all the foam and water shenanigans, some of our intrepid team didn’t have a change of clothes and had to squelch their way to the pub.  This charity obstacle race may not quite have been as hardcore as the marathon that Gemma ran recently for Willow, but we think it came a pretty close second. So well done Team RLD, you have raised almost £1000 and our JustGiving page is looking healthy – please keep up the good work (same time next year then?)

We love writing about our relationship with Willow, check out some of our back catalogue of Willow posts.

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