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New Year’s Resolution: Did You Survive?

After what seems like forever, the curtain has finally been drawn on January. Can we get a round of applause, please! While we’re all eager for the show to go on, nobody likes long and penniless winter days, there’s one thing we have to do first: review our resolutions.

First, let’s get our facts straight.New Year's resolutions infographicWith these relatively bleak statistics in mind, we set out to see if anyone within the department had actually managed to stick to their goals. It was difficult to find anyone who didn’t shy away in terror and shame when questioned about their resolution success rate but, eventually, three brave souls volunteered.

We quizzed Maddie (Senior Social Media Executive), Dan (Online Marketing Manager) and Issy (Head of Publishing) about how resolute their resolutions actually were.

What were your New Year’s resolutions?

Maddie: My New Year’s resolution is to learn French and to stick to my fitness regime. Oh, and I have become a vegan for one month only.

Dan: I’ve promised myself that I’ll get back into shape by going to the gym three times a week. The aim is to lose all the weight that moving to London has caused me to put on in the last 3 and a half years!

Issy: Dry January. Veganuary was a step too far, sorry.

How easy were they to stick to?

Maddie: I haven’t started the French lessons as of yet and I don’t know why. I have (kinda) stuck with my fitness regime but always think I’m not doing enough.

Dan: It has definitely got easier as the month has gone on because I can feel myself getting slightly better each time, plus the gym is right next to the office which helps. I’m trying to be disciplined about it and go on specific days rather than whenever which seems to be helping.

Issy: Much easier than I anticipated. I just discovered Budweiser Alcohol-Free Beer and actually like the taste (normally AF tastes like dishwater).

What challenges have you faced?

Maddie: The hardest challenge I have faced this year is my mid-month slump. I think my body is adapting to a new diet so I constantly feel sluggish. And this is really hard when you can’t eat cheese!

Dan: I used to be quite sporty so getting used to the fact that I can’t run or cycle as far as I used to is quite difficult for me. I tend to get annoyed at myself because things I used to find easy are now more difficult. I’ve done a little bit more or gone a little bit faster each time, so it is getting easier and I watch Netflix while I’m doing it which distracts me.

Issy: N/A (we’re interrupting the interview flow here to say what a BOSS answer).

What have you learnt?

Maddie: I’ve learnt that I can truly do anything I put my mind to if I work hard. I’ve also learnt there is a lot of things about my diet that I can change, like having a cheese sandwich for breakfast isn’t ok.

Dan: I’ve learnt that I have to set myself achievable goals and set specific days for going to the gym, otherwise I’ll get frustrated at myself or decide not to go and claim I’ll make it up the next day or next week, which never happens.

Issy: I resolutely remain the same weight.

Do you plan to keep it going?

Maddie: I plan to keep staying active as it helps with any anxiety I am dealing with and any stress I’m under. I also plan on cooking more vegan meals during the week. Oh and I should really learn  French!

Dan: I definitely want to keep it up purely to stay healthy, I reckon it will take four months to hit my goal and as long as I stay disciplined, it should be routine by then. I’ve been a member of a gym for about two years and until now had probably gone a collective ten times so I need to make my money back!

Issy: I am currently thinking I will carry it on in February. There will be a lapse on 9th with a couple of events but otherwise, a couple of months fully alcohol-free will do no harm

Would you do it again next yet?

Maddie: Would I be a vegan again? No. But what I will do next year is set a goal for the year and not just the month. It just makes January a tough month when it really shouldn’t be!

Dan: Hopefully I shouldn’t need to make it a resolution, I’ll just be doing it, but if I have to then yes I would!

Issy: Yep. Might even do alternate months this year. Let’s see…

Resolutions shouldn’t be contained to January; there’s no bad time to undertake exciting new ventures. With this in mind, our focus this year is to help people #LiveaLittle! Remember that thing you’ve always wanted to do but never got round to? Well, it’s time to get started and we’re here to help! Find out how to get involved here.

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