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Vote – The Best Christmas Advert 2016 – COMPETITION CLOSED

Christmas adverts have been getting bigger, better and more competitive every year for some time now. They’ve turned from adverts into mini films complete with story lines, heartwarming characters and hit music. It’s embarrassing how excited we get waiting for them each year (see last year’s blog on Christmas adverts).

Without a doubt, it’s the battle of the Christmas adverts, along with the turning-on of the lights and the first Christmas song on the radio, that marks the start of the festive season for us each year. (Although, it must be said, some people in the office can’t wait for Christmas music in the office and if it were down to them, Christmas would be year-round… you know who you are!). We’ve compiled a list of our favourite ads for 2016, below. Vote for your favourite to be in with a chance to WIN a £20 Christmas gift card!

The wacky one…

Brightly-coloured yetis ice-skating through snow covered streets to a musical theatre soundtrack? Sounds like a bad dream! But actually, all put together, it’s lots of fun. It doesn’t take itself too seriously and certainly sticks out from the crowd. Plus, no yetis were harmed during filming.

The one we can all relate to…

Very tongue-in-cheek, Sainsbury’s have highlighted some of our least favourite things about the Christmas rush. Delayed trains (often owing to almost invisible snowflakes), that granny at the front of the queue paying in coppers to get rid of all that loose change, and that feeling of needing a clone to do half the work for you. But there’s a happy ending, of course!

The saucy one…

Boux Avenue sell gorgeous underwear. So it’s logical that their Christmas advert features gorgeous models in gorgeous underwear… with nothing on top of it. It’s certainly melting Mr. Snowman!

The multicultural one…

Yay for unity! In these troubled times, anything which shows how similar we all are as people regardless of religion is more than welcome. And lots of us have creaky knees in common.

The one we’ve all been waiting for…


John Lewis is an institution, and their Christmas advert is highly anticipated every year. We’re definitely glad this year’s made us laugh instead of cry – half the office spent last Christmas tearfully wishing they could rescue the man in the moon!

The one we’re all cheering for…

In the space of a minute and a half, Waitrose has made everyone care about their poor little robin. You can’t be indifferent to the robin! You want him to get home. And when he does, and also gets a birdy kiss, you can’t help but say “Aawww”.

Vote for your favourite Christmas advert by commenting on our Facebook page RedLetterDaysUK, and be in with a chance to win a £20 Christmas gift card!

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Video and image credits: Waitrose via Youtube, John Lewis via Youtube, ICNA via Youtube, BouxAvenue via Youtube, Sainsbury’s via Youtube, Argos via Youtube.

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