What Happens In… A Flotation Tank?

Are you in need of some serious me-time? A session in a flotation tank might be just the thing for you.

We spoke to Neil, who runs our flotation tank experience at Float Beyond, in order to get a better idea of what happens in a flotation tank – read on to find out!


What does your job entail?
Making people feel comfortable and creating the perfect environment for their experience.

What was your first experience in a flotation tank like?
The thing I remember most was the twitching of my arms and legs as tension and built-up stress were released. It took me 3 sessions to really trust the environment and let go. It was only when I let go and stopped trying that I experienced the potential of floating as a tool for relaxation, meditation and so much more..

How many times have you been in the tank?
Not enough. I don’t keep track but I have had my tank for 6 months so would guess at somewhere around 50 times.


What is the strangest experience you (or anyone you know) have ever had in the tank?
The strangest experiences are when people have strong visual hallucinations. Without normal sensory input, you enter an alternate state of reality. People have seen animals, The Mona Lisa and geometric patterns. Also 3 people have ended up facing the opposite way (their head where their feet started) which is ‘physically’ impossible to happen without a conscious effort as the tank is less than 5 ft wide…


What is the tank beneficial for?
The basic benefits are deep physical and mental relaxation, which can reduce stress, improve sleep and help aches and pains fade away. It also shares many of the benefits of meditation as a tool for self-reflection and analysis.

Something that is undervalued is the benefit from switching off. This is what differentiates the top performers in the world, from creative artists to world class athletes. Research has identified that it is this ability to completely switch off and allow our subconscious to solve problems, that in turn allows us to fully switch on and be the best we can be. For so many of us, our lives are never fully on or fully off – checking Facebook at work and email at home. The tank can help us with this, increasing creativity and performance.

What can a first-timer expect?
A unique experience, that’s for sure! It is completely safe and non invasive, in a nice environment completely under your control. Whatever happens, your skin will feel soft and you will have a healthy dose of magnesium as a result of the Epsom Salts in the water. In this day and age, with so much buying, selling, likes and follows, we could all do with some me-time.

Thank you Neil – it definitely sounds intriguing, we’d love to give it a go! If you’re interested in trying it out, have a look!

Do you have any more questions for Neil? Come over to Twitter this afternoon to ask him any questions and maybe even win a chance to try it for yourself!

Images courtesy of Neil from Float Beyond.

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