Couples’ Hobbies: How Do You Spend Time Together?

How much time do you spend with your other half?

The latest figures from dating site eHarmony suggest that most couples spend just over 60% of their free time together during the average week, with 11 of those hours spent watching TV and just three hours a week dedicated to fuelling the romance.

If that sounds familiar and you fancy shaking things up a bit, we’ve got some suggestions to help you have a little bit more quality time together.

Date Night

A great way to ensure you get some together time on a regular basis is to pencil an official date night into your weekly schedule. You can go for dinner, see a show or just stay in and play a game of Scrabble at home. Whatever you decide to do, there’s just one rule: no phones or Facebook allowed!

A weekend away by Lexe-I via Flickr

Get Away Together

Recent research confirms that couples who travel at least once a year are generally much happier than those who don’t take trips away together – in both the romance and bonding department. In fact, 63% of couples surveyed considered going on holiday together to be a better catalyst for chemistry than exchanging any material item. Fancy giving it a try? We’ve got some weekend breaks that’ll do just the trick.

DVD Shelf

Box Set Bonding

If you’re tired of your other half hogging the remote but still fancy a bit of sofa time, try investing in a good TV series instead. Not only is beginning a box set together relaxing, but it’s also a highly addictive way to spend an evening in. Before you know it you’ll be watching one episide, then another, then another…and just one more…who needs summer anyway?

Flirt Over Food

Whoever said that the key to a man’s heart is through his stomach might be right, so why not whip up some new recipes together? Not only is making a dish a sensual experience, but the final product always tastes better knowing you’ve made it yourself. If you’re looking for some tips or inspiration, try out a cooking class and learn from the pros themselves. Or perhaps a wine tasting experience will send the sparks flying.

For more ideas, browse the couples experiences from Red Letter Days on the main site.

How do you spend time with your partner? Let us know on the comment box below.

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