Chocolate Making Party Kit

Love chocolate and want a fun and delicious activity for a night in with friends?

Last week, our colleagues Ciana and Hannah (and myself!) got the chance to try out one of our new products – a Chocolate Making Party Kit!


We got together one cold and rainy night for an evening of sweet treats, melted chocolate and had as much fun as you can have on a weeknight in November.


The pack comes with everything you need, apart from a small cup of double cream which is needed to make the truffle filling. When we picked up the cream, we couldn’t resist getting a bottle of Prosecco and some strawberries to add to the occasion.


Everything else was packed into the box – milk and dark chocolate to melt and extra to temper with, fudge to decorate, chocolate transfers, nuts, strawberry and white chocolate flakes, mini ‘cookie-cutters’ to shape the fudge and lemongrass and rose infusions to flavour with.

The instructions are a great help with deciding what do first, but the ingredients aren’t exact, meaning there’s plenty of opportunities to taste along the way and a bit left over at the end– all the chocolate is organic and absolutely delicious.


We made ganache to fill our truffles, shaped, coated and decorated absolutely delicious chocolate fudge and infused the chocolate with the lemongrass and rose flavours. The chocolate transfers were so easy to use and looked so impressive and professional. There was so much chocolate to go around (enough to dip strawberries in), that by the time our chocolates had set and we had packaged them up, we couldn’t eat another bite!


This was such a fun evening and by the end, we had made about 60 chocolates in total, all packaged up and ready to give to friends and family (or eat ourselves).


We definitely recommend this for a fun night in with friends, it’s the perfect way to brighten up a winter’s night.

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What’s your ideal night in?

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