Top 10 Strangest Flower Names

Flowers are arguably one of the most beautiful things nature has to offer and at this time of year, gardens are full of them.

Everyone is familiar with tulips, carnations and daffodils and names such as Lily, Rose and Heather are as popular as ever – but what about the more unusual flower names? Here is a run down of the 10 strangest we found.KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA

1. Kiss Me Over The Garden Gate – A string of self-seeding, delicate pink flowers that look great draped over a gate!

2. Butter and Eggs – This pretty flower grows as a weed and has many names. Its yellow and orange colour is probably what inspired this peculiar one.

3. Bleeding Heart – A Chinese plant with beautiful heart shaped flowers (pictured below).


4. Naked Ladies  – A distant relative of the lily, this pretty flower is so called due to its leafless stem and tendency to flower when most other blooms have died.

5. Stinking Corpse Lily – An extremely rare flower that takes its name from its unpleasant aroma, which is similar to rotting flesh.

6. Sneezewort Yarrow – A wild flower (pictured below) that can be used as an insect repellent and takes its name from the fact that it can be used to make sneezing powder.

flowersneezewort7. Black Bat Flower – An unusual plant with deep purple, almost black flowers that bear a resemblance to bats!

8. Sensitive Plant – Don’t be fooled by the vibrant and colourful flower pictured below, this plant is so shy, its leaves curl up at the slightest touch!

flowersensitiveplant9. Devil’s Tongue – Also known as the voodoo lily or snake palm, this menacing plant is actually used in some types of food.

10. Snail Vine – Pictured below, it’s obvious how this plant got it’s name. US President Thomas Jefferson called it ‘the most beautiful bean in the world’ – high praise indeed!


If you’re interested in flowers, we have a bunch of experiences ripe for the picking.

What is the oddest flower you have come across?

Images from pinboke_planet, kanonn, Gene Wilburn, john shortland, dbarronoss and Domenica Crea via Flickr.

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