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Sound-on-Film: Four Monumental Movie Soundtracks

Since the late 1880’s around half a million films have been made, many of which have encouraged keen movie fans to flock to their local cinema in excitement and anticipation. Over the years film has spread cultural awareness, played with our imaginations, made us laugh, scared us senseless and at times, managed to completely disappoint.

Although many movies have dazzled us with inventive camera work, high budget special effects or scantily clad Hollywood stars, they just wouldn’t be the same without an unmistakable musical soundtrack.

Here are a few cinematic gems with great movie soundtracks that are perfect to enjoy on a rainy day…

Pulp Fiction

movie soundtracks

Quentin Tarantino is known for his distinctive style and effective choice of song to bring a scene to life. The soundtrack for this cult classic includes a cool mix of rock and roll, soul, funk and surf music as well as some of the most memorable sound-bites from the movie.


Movie soundtracks

Are you a Mod or a Rocker? This acclaimed rock opera offers a great insight into British pop-culture in the 60’s and has a belting soundtrack to match – written, recorded and co-produced by The Who, each song helps set the scene from start to finish.


movie soundtracks

Directed by ‘Master of Suspense’ Sir Alfred Hitchcock, this black and white horror is as popular today as it was in 1960 and is accompanied by Bernard Herrmann’s disturbing musical score. Psycho’s shower scene is the most famous in the film and is made even more terrifying by Herrmann’s jarring string composition.

Into the Wild

movie soundtracks

Into the Wild documents the moving real-life North-American adventures of Christopher McCandless and music comes from Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder. Hand-picked by director Sean Penn, Vedder shows a softer side to his musical talents with a selection of folk-rock tracks which suit the mood of the film perfectly.

If you’re feeling inspired by these motion pictures, you’ll find a some great movie-based days out with the range of film tours and experiences we have on offer.

Happy Viewing.

Images: Wally Gobetz,Lord Mariser,Insomnia Cured Here and hi_loser via Flickr
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