To be or not to be? We have a look at the new film release Bill

Film Release: Bill

Possibly Britain’s most famous playwright, and a man that also shares his name with RLD’s very own CEO Bill Alexander, is now getting a film adaptation on his life. From the creators of Horrible Histories comes the film Bill. We take a look at the new film and also reminisce about our favourite Shakespearean film adaptations.

Bill, 2015

Ever wondered what life was like for William Shakespeare before he became one of the world’s most infamous bards? New film release Bill focuses on what life may have been like during the playwright’s life before he rose to fame. This comedic take on the life of the bard is a mix of narcissistic kings, failed romances, ruthless spies and a plot to kill the Queen. The film is out in cinemas this September and is a suitable watch for the entire family.

We are so excited here at RLD HQ by the upcoming release of Bill, that it got us thinking about our most loved Shakespeare adaptations. Here is a few of our favourites:

10 Things I Hate About You (1999)

This 90’s Rom-com starring Heath Ledger and Julia Stiles is an adaptation of Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew. Director Gil Junger included some of the original names from the play – Kat and Bianca and even managed to sneak in some original dialogue too! This modern take of the classic play has meant it has quickly become a cult romantic comedy classic.

West Side Story (1961)

The gangs of West Side Story – the Jets and the Sharks, are reminiscent of the Capulet and Montague families in the classic Shakespearean romantic tragedy of Romeo and Juliet. This modernized version of the classic is in a musical format and based in New York City. The film is so critically acclaimed that it’s been made in to countless stage productions on Broadway and the West End.

Love’s Labour’s Lost (2000)

This version of the play by director Kenneth Branagh is shot like a classic 30’s musical. This re-imagined film tells the story of four friends at Oxford University who swear off love and vow to be celibate for three years. However, their will and determination is soon put to the test when the Princess of France played by Alicia Silverstone, arrives.

 Romeo and Juliet (1996)

Arguably, the best film of all time let alone the best Shakespeare adaptation ever, it has to be Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo and Juliet from 1996. Everything about the film from the casting of Leonardo Di Caprio and Claire Danes as the star crossed lovers, to the memorable soundtrack and even the clever use of Shakespearean language in a modern setting makes this film a timeless classic. It’s the film adaptation that pleases Shakespeare fanatics everywhere.

Want to swot up on your Shakespeare knowledge? Then why not head to Stratford-Upon-Avon and visit Shakespeare’s birthplace and read our blog  about what to do there before you visit!


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