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Top 10 Christmas Essentials

Preparing for Christmas can be a stressful task. With so much going on, there are 101 things to remember and it’s guaranteed that amongst all the festivities (and chaos), some of those things are going to be forgotten.

We’ve put together a handy list of Christmas essentials so that when the big day comes round, you’ll be prepared no matter what gets thrown your way.

Read on to find out which 10 things will ensure this Christmas is pulled off without a hitch*.

*Chaos-free Christmas not 100% guaranteed.

6167740020_0ba09e7f70_zAn Extra Present

For the relative you realise you’ve forgotten about just as they walk through the door.


For the never ending stream of children’s toys that don’t work without them.

Full Tool Box

To put together the children’s Christmas presents, because trust us, toys these days seem to come with a 25 step manual and 10 bags of nuts and bolts.

6526866307_cd75d1e9b5_zA Spare Family Box of Chocolates

For when those pesky visiting relatives eat all the nice ones and leave you with the orange creams before Christmas day has even come around.

A Spare Carrot or Two

So you don’t forget those hungry reindeer when leaving out a mince pie for Santa.

Presents for the Dog, the Cat, the Budgies and the Fish

Just because there’s no need for anyone to get left out this Christmas!

332081637_cf297f34d9_zCandles and Matches

For the inevitable power cut that occurs at some point during the Christmas holiday.

Spare Tree Lights

To prepare for the fuse that will always blow in one tiny light bulb, causing the whole set to fail and leaving the once majestic Christmas tree looking a little forlorn. It happens.

TV Guide

Don’t forget to pick up your advanced copy so that the whole family can have a say in which festive films and TV shows absolutely must be watched. N.B. This project will also require organisation, patience and compromise.

Christmas Socks

Because, let’s be honest, what would Christmas be without this year’s pair of reindeer socks to keep your feet warm whilst watching Love Actually?

Which essential Christmas item do you end up forgetting year after year?

Images: PeteLee McCoygtg via Flickr

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