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The Bucket List – A Silverstone Single-Seater Experience with Badger GP

Last month, we took a blogger to dazzling heights with a hot air balloon ride at Bristol International Balloon Fiesta; this month, we had our feet firmly on the ground and pushed the pedal to the metal with a track-tearing single-seater experience at Silverstone! As one of our most popular days out (we have a lot of petrol heads perusing the website), we knew it would be a highly sought after Bucket List and we wanted to pair it with an equally brilliant blogger. That led us to ask: who did we know who was fanatical about racing? Crazy about supercars? And gutsy enough to go full-throttle around a world-class track?

Cue Adam Le Feuvre, founder of Badger GP – a virtual treasure chest of reading material including the latest supercar news, sport history pieces, fun topical cartoons, interesting interviews and personal pieces from fans.

Badger GP and Silverstone Formula 1 cars

🏁 About Silverstone 🏁

Silverstone circuit, home of the British Grand Prix, is a world-famous track that attracts hundreds of thousands of fans every year.

The venue has a rich and colourful history spanning back to 1943 where it originally was a Royal Air Force bomber station known as RAF Silverstone. It wasn’t until September 1947, when a group of friends held an impromptu race, where its real motor sporting potential was realised. Twelve drivers in total took to the two-mile circuit on that fateful day (cue dramatic music!) – the very next year the Royal Automobile Club took a lease on the airfield and set out an official racing circuit.

Since then, the track has undergone several redesigns which have transformed it into the ultra-fast circuit we know and love today.

❓ The British GP: Did You Know ❓

  • Silverstone is the third longest F1 circuit on the current calendar. Only Spa Francorchamps in Belgium and the new Baku City Circuit are longer.
  • Together with Italy, Britain is the only country to have held a Grand Prix in every year of the World Championship since 1950.
  • A total of 12 British drivers have won the British Grand Prix, including Jim Clark, Lewis Hamilton, Nigel Mansell, Jackie Stewart and David Coulthard. Lewis Hamilton has won the race for the past three years in succession.
  • In 17 races, Jensen Button never won the British GP, or even stood on the podium.

🏎 The Experience 🏎

Our Silverstone adventure offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for driving daredevils to get behind the wheel of a single-seater – a super responsive vehicle that hovers a few inches off the ground, allowing participants to feel every bump and lively vibration.

After a thorough safety briefing, where an expert driver goes through the track layout and basic controls, head out onto the circuit (behind a pace car) in order to get used to the car’s pinpoint steering and lightning acceleration. It takes some practice to get used to… and a lot of guts!

Once familiar with the controls (or as familiar as you can be!), it’s time for some electrifying formation laps. Kitted out in authentic garb, tackle challenging chicanes, high-speed straights and tight corners. It’s a racing enthusiast’s four-wheeled heaven.

Silverstone Formula 1 racing cars

😎 Our Intrepid Racer! 😎

Adam Le Feuvre was courageous enough to undertake this challenge – and he did so with a surprising amount of vigour and enthusiasm (he’s a braver man than us!). Having written extensively about everything racing related, it seemed like a match made in heaven to pair him with the illustrious Silverstone!

Adam’s glittering blog about the day can be read here. He also offers some tips on how to get the most from this experience (because he’s a total gent). We don’t want to rehash his thorough evaluation but we’ll leave you with his parting comment (just to whet your appetites!).

Even if you’re just a little bit tempted, do yourself a favour and book this experience, you will not regret it, it’s the most motorsport fun I’ve had in a long time! Stick it on your wish list and hope someone treats you, or save some pennies and go for it.

Image Credits: Instagram, Instagram and Badger GP

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