Pampered Pets – Pooches Appreciate The Finer Indulgences in Life

We know that snaps of pampered pets always raise a smile, so today’s post is less about the words and more about the funny dog pictures. We defy you not to smile at some of these howlers!

Blue for a boy and pink for a girl. These first two pooches have delusions of being top tots (or more accurately, might their owners want to turn them into babies?)

Baby dogs

Moving swiftly on, these poodles and a corgi are a little more sophisticated and look to be heading towards teenager stage: doggy fashionista is where it’s at.

All dressed up

Sometimes dog wear is practical as well as being fashionable, illustrated below by this schnauzer who doesn’t want to get his paws wet.


All this dressing up can be quite exhausting, so chilling out at the end of the day with a proper pooch massage means rolling over and enjoying the attention.

Just lie back, relax and don’t forget to breathe

Everyone (dog and human) needs to indulge in a bit of ‘me’ time. Whether it’s being immersed in a hot tub, or a soothing massage to revitalise body and mind, we know how important it is to treat ourselves.

Take a look at Red Letter Days’ Pamper section and let us know which is your favourite way to chill out

IMAGES: Gerard Van Der Leun, Hanumann, Marjie Kennedy, Glenda WilburnNicholas Wang, Nieve44/luz and Sini Merikallio via Flickr


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