Back to School: Reasons to be Cheerful

The sun has almost set on this year’s summer holidays, which can only mean one thing – it’s back to school time. So to lend a helping hand, here are a few things which may inspire everyone to get excited about going back to the grind this September…

Back to School: Supplies

While for kids it marks the end of freedom, fun trips, sleepovers and staying up late, parents also have the difficult task of trying to get their children back into uniform and through the school gates.

Stocking Up on Supplies

It may not sound like fun, but for most of us, a trip to the local stationary shop has always been the secret highlight of going back to school. Once the kids have picked their brand new pens, pencil cases and yet-to-be-scribbled-in note pads, they’re sure to be raring to go.

Back to school: Activities

Discovering Something New

Working out a puzzling mathematical sum or completing a handwriting worksheet may not be something any child will rush to do, but the thought of an extra-curricular activity might be more enticing. Encouraging them to pick up an instrument or join a club / team could give just the boost they need to start the new school year with a smile.

Back to School: catching up with friends...

Catching Up with Friends

When you’re young, six weeks can feel like an eternity. Pointing out the prospect of catching up with friends they won’t have seen during the summer holidays and swapping tales of fun and adventure will give them the incentive to get up and get ready for school this coming week.

Back to School: Games.

Playing a Brain-Boosting Game

As well as getting the family together, a brain-teasing board game is the ideal way to get kids back in the swing of learning and concentration. From jigsaw puzzles and Uno to dominoes and Scrabble, there are plenty of games to get them fired up for their first day back.

Once the kids are back at school, why not treat yourselves to a relaxing break or fun day out from our range of experiences for couples?

What are your back to school tips?

Images: RiekhavocStevendepoloBerkeley Unified School DistrictYewenyi and Yardsale via Flickr

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