Out and About: Wine Tasting in East London

A few weeks ago, we sent our esteemed colleagues Lisa and Gudrun for an evening of wine tasting in East London.

Wine tasting is a good experience for two friends (or a couple) to try – it’s cultured, informative, useful and most importantly lots of fun. So, over to Lisa to tell us what they got up to…

“When we arrived, Gudrun and I were sat with a small group of fellow wine tasters, which was nice as it meant we could socialise a bit as we were tasting the wine – wine drinking is, after all, quite a social experience!

First of all, our charming instructor introduced himself and outlined how the evening would pan out, as well as running through the basics of wine tasting, including ‘the nose’, learning about tannins and how to pick out different notes.

We were each given a sheet which had information and descriptions of all the wine we would be tasting throughout the evening and given pens so we could write our own notes about each sample.

Then, the tasting began – we tasted wines from Italy, France, Spain, Australia and even English wine – which was surprisingly delicious. Gudrun and I had such a laugh sipping each wine and getting a little merry towards the end!

I would really recommend this experience – it’s a great way to spend an evening as you learn loads and have lots of fun at the same time. Plus now I can pretend I’m a wine expert when I’m out and about!”

If that sounds like something you’d like to do, have a look at our wine tasting experiences.

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