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Draw A Bird Day: We’re Getting Involved!

Today is Draw a Bird Day. Celebrated since the 1940s, Draw a Bird Day is an opportunity to make others smile with a drawing of a bird, however simple or complex.

Birds (from L-R) by Dan, Angela, Annie, Gemma and Louise

Invented during World War Two in honour of a little girl who cheered up wounded soldiers by asking them to draw birds for her, Draw a Bird Day is intended to spread hope, joy and laughter and to make people forget their troubles whatever they may be. We at Red Letter Days have drawn a few pictures of birds and have been making each other (and hopefully you!) laugh and smile with these doodles.

Birds (clockwise from left) by Darpan, Louise and Kate
A wonderfully intricate bird portrait by Joshna

If you love birds, we have an excellent range of birdy experiences which will definitely put a smile on your face. Why not try a day of eagle handling, an owl evening or a day meeting the raptors of the world? Birds are fascinating and beautiful creatures and all these experiences allow you to handle the magnificent creatures and get up close and personal.

A very happy bird drawn by Rupal

We hope you have enjoyed our bird drawings, please have a go yourself and let us know how you get on!

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