We’re Celebrating National Bird Day With Some Crazy Bird Facts



You might not have known, but it’s National Bird Day – a day dedicated to the preservation of our inspirational feathered friends. To celebrate, we’ve collected some wonderful and startling facts about birds for you to enjoy.

Eggs are a great source of nutrition, even for birds! Wild birds will often eat ‘dud’ eggs, so as not to let all that calcium and other nutrients go to waste. Even egg shells are nutritious, so these also get eaten once eggs have hatched.

A turkey vulture has a very odd way of protecting itself from potential danger. When threatened, it defends itself by puking up its last meal – this gross and violent act scares off any assailants.


Parrots don’t build nests, except one special species called the Quaker Parrot or Monk Parakeet. These special birds are not only the only parrots to build nests, but their nests are often extravagant with different rooms and doors, as above.

Peregrine Falcons reach speeds of up to 200 miles per hour when diving for their prey.

Canaries can regenerate their brain cells. Bird brain isn’t such an insult after all!

The biggest export of the island of Nauru in the South Pacific is fossilised bird droppings.

Snowy owl head shot
Snowy owl head shot

Owls have three eyelids. One pair for blinking, one for sleeping and one pair that keeps the eye clean.

Another owl fact – a barn owl can swallow a rat whole – it then coughs up a pellet filled with bones, fur and other indigestible matter – lovely!

A California Condor can fly for 10 miles without flapping it’s wings.

If you’re a bit of a twitcher and fancy meeting some impressive flying specimens, have a look at our bird experiences.

Have you got any crazy bird facts?

Images courtesy of bertknot, Lori L Stalteri, Robert Neff and Des Irwin via Flickr.

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