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Great British Bake Off Best Mel and Sue Moments

Is there no end to the shocking moves from our favourite shows? Following the loss of BBC Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson (and shortly after, his co-hosts too) we were all devastated, yet at the same time, oddly curious to see what would come next.

And now Mel and Sue have refused to ‘go with the dough’ when The Great British Bake Off moves from the BBC to Channel 4 next year as part of a controversial multi-million-pound deal. Before our tears were even dry, Mary Berry followed suit. Val’s exit (Vaxit) at the end of the pastry episode this week bought us further sadness – it’s been emotional. Could the baking world as we know it be going to hell in a delicate, filo pastry handbasket?

Fans (including the more famous ones) certainly seem to think so!

Well, here at RLD headquarters, this is pretty much how we feel:

Deflated Yorkshire puddings - a bad bake.
Come back, Mel and Sue – we knead you!

So in tribute to our favourite innuen-duo, we’ve compiled five of our favourite Mel and Sue moments so far. Because it just won’t be the same without them.

Image credits: Lori Brooks via Flickr, Erika Herzog via Flickr, No context Bake Off via Twitter

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