20 Things We Love About Summer 2014

With the summer solstice coming this weekend, we’ve been basking in the sun while thinking about all the things we love about the warmest season. Read our list and add your own!summer10

1. Ice-cream trucks

2. The World Cup

3. Longer evenings.

4. Dining al fresco.

5. Summer drinks, slush puppies and Pimms.


6. Making a slip’n’slide in the garden.

7. Driving with the top down / sun roof open / riding a motorbike.

8. Going out in a boat.

9. Road trips.

10. Outdoor concerts or festivals.


11. Kite flying.

12. Leaving the house without a jacket.

13. Wimbledon.

14. Camping or even glamping!

15. Picnics.

It wouldn't be a British beach without deck chairs, would it?

16. Trips to the beach

17. Garden parties.

18. Sports with water!

19. Hot air balloons.

20. Barbecues.


What’s your favourite thing about summer?

Images from Brickset, Lemsipmatt, Lucy Downey, Airwolfhound, Steve Parker and Al King via Flickr.

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