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Festive Pets – Winner and Featured Furry Friends

Man’s best friends. For some, it’s our dogs – always happy to see us, always loving, always bouncing off the walls when they hear the letters W, A, L and K however subtly we try to whisper them. For others, it’s our cats. Those strange, independent animals that turn their tails up at us disdainfully one minute, snooze in the oddest possible places and then graciously permit us to stroke them – but only for as long as it suits them.

Well, last week we asked to see your furry friends feeling festive. We teamed up with PawPost to offer a brilliant cat or dog box to one lucky set of best friends, and promised to publish our favourite Christmassy dogs and mogs in this blog, along with our chosen winner. So, here they are! Enjoy our Hall of Fame!

Festive Dogs #RLDSantaPaws

Festive pets dog in reindeer horns
Allison Barlow’s rescue Bentley and friend
Dog in Christmas Jumper
Sophie Abbott’s Dexter
Christmas pug
Sharon Maplesden’s Bubba
Dog in Christmas outfit
Lauren’s Saffi
Dog with Christmas dinner
Mary Heald’s Stanley and Christmas dinner
Cute dogs Christmas tree
Emma Chamberlain’s mini pooches in front of the tree
Terrier with reindeer antlers
Beauty Fiend’s dog dressed as a reindeer

Festive Cats #RLDSantaPaws

christmas cats
Moe Millward’s Rosa and Mario
Cat in christmas outfit
Angie’s cat Missy with a look of protest
Cat in santa outfit
Jade Ashton’s Gibbs looks pensive
Cat in scarf Christmas
Hannah Higoe’s cat looks unimpressed
Cat in a Christmas hat
Naomi’s cat Hugo in his festive hat
Kitten in christmas tree
Paul P’s Shelley … in the Christmas tree!

And the winner of the #RLDSantaPaws competition is…

dog and cat dressed up for christmas
Mel Crumpton’s Poppy and Milo (Milo’s the turkey!)

A novel take on Christmas outfits, Mel’s dogs look remarkably serious considering they’re dressed like a dog’s dinner! A PawPost Dog Box will be on its way to these two lovely canines soon. We’d like to congratulate all the proud owners who entered their furry friends – we were only upset we didn’t have space to feature everyone!

An honorable mention goes to our smallest entrant, Tiffeny’s Jasmine the Winter White hamster…

festive animal hamster
Size isn’t everything…

Image credits: Red Letter Days, Entrants via Twitter Hashtag #RLDSantaPaws

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