Out and About: Jess and Rachael are Wildlife Park Keepers for the Day

A few weeks ago, we sent our trusty employees Jess and Rachael to Hertfordshire to become wildlife park keepers for the day. They took some incredible pictures and Jess told us all about what happened…

“The day had a glamorous start when we met the first keeper who helped us get stuck in by shovelling peacock and zebra poo – which was hard work but very funny! Next we went to feed the lemurs who were so cute and crawled all over Rachael and I, we didn’t expect them to be so friendly. We also had a short talk on monkeys and got to see a sloth and an armadillo.

Next we travelled to the woodland area of the wildlife park, where we fed beautiful exotic birds which sat on our hands and even climbed on our heads! I was worried they might poo on us, but luckily we escaped unscathed. We then watched a brilliant bird of prey display – it was great to see the skill and speed of the birds close up.


Next up was feeding the meerkats, who were even cuter than I imagined – they sat on our laps and crawled around our feet. I wanted to bring one home! After lunch we got to feed a racoon and then we watched the red pandas getting fed. There were so many opportunities to take loads of great photos and every keeper we met was so friendly.

The afternoon was spent meeting farm animals, rats and even snakes. The day ended with a visit to the tiger enclosure. While the tiger was away we left a bag of meat inside the enclosure. Then we left and watched as the tiger was released and got stuck in to his dinner.

It was such a great day with loads to do – we both highly recommend it!”

Do you fancy being a wildlife keeper for the day?


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