7 Tips for The Perfect Pint

When it comes to Food & Drink, we like to think we know a thing or two. But as the saying goes “You’re never too old to learn something new” so we thought we would do a little research into what makes the perfect pint. Is it the way it’s poured or the way it’s drunk? We have seven factors that can contribute – read on to find out…


1. How the pint is poured. A big factor in beer drinking, although preference can vary wildly from drinker to drinker. For a carbonated lager, the standard is to hold the pint glass at a 45 degree angle – this isn’t necessary for an ale. Guinness advise their drink to be poured three-quarters full, left to settle for 2 minutes and then filled the rest of the way. Some people prefer a head on their beer and others don’t – just make sure yours is poured the way you like it.

2. How the pint is drunk. A St. Patrick’s Day speciality, Guinness has very specific instructions on how a pint of the black stuff should be drunk. They say you should drink through the head, from the same spot of the pint glass for each sip, leaving the creamy head for the final sip – the perfect palate cleanser.


3. The temperature of the pint or the temperature of the room/weather. Again this is down to preference and depends on the drink of choice. Lager is typically served cold, while ale is traditionally served at cellar temperature (12 – 14 degrees Celsius). It might just be us, but we think a cold beer outside on a warm day equals optimum enjoyment.


4. The people you are with. Whether you’re with one good friend, a big group of mates or with colleagues at the end of a long day, the company you keep contributes to your enjoyment levels. Make sure you’re in good company when aiming for the perfect pint.

5. The mood you are in. Taste is a complex sense, and lots of things contribute, including emotions! Things taste better when you’re happier, including a pint of beer.


6. The availability of snacks and food. Everyone knows a good pint of beer is perfectly complemented by decent food. Whether the perfect pint needs a perfect pie, a pasty or even a humble packet of crisps is heavily debated – but enjoyment is certainly improved when you know food and snacks are readily available.


7. The number of days before you have to go back to work. Again, it’s debatable, but the first pint at the start of a holiday – or even on a Friday afternoon at the beginning of the weekend, tends to taste better than the rest!

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What do you think makes the perfect pint?

Images from Jeremy Keith, Jesus Gorriti, Alexio, Lettuce and atache via Flickr.

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