Five of the Best Proposals on the Internet

By Issy March 20, 2013

According to the internet, today is National Proposal Day. However, despite what you might be thinking, the roots of this day don’t lie with a greetings card company. The 20th March actually coincides with the vernal equinox, otherwise known as the start of Spring.

Evidently today is a time for new beginnings and declarations of lifelong commitment – sure – but it’s also an excuse for us to go hunting around online, digging up some of the most inventive marriage proposals we could find.

So if you’re planning on making the most of National Proposal Day and want a little bit of inspiration, take a look at some of the best proposals on the internet…

1. Matt’s Movie Trailer Proposal:

Ginny and Matt Movie Trailer proposal

The idea: Take one blissfully unaware girlfriend, bring her to the cinema and watch her expression as the trailers start, and a familiar voice and story plays out on the screen in front of her.

 2. The Pictionary Proposal:

Pictionary Proposal by justmli on imgur

The idea: Search through an entire pack of Pictionary cards for one that says “marry”. Do some clever Photoshopping, then invite your friends and girlfriend over for a rigged board game. The winner is the man who hears “Yes!”

3. Isaac’s Live Lip Dub Proposal:

Isaac's live lip dub proposal

The idea: Organise a fully choreographed dance routine on your parent’s street involving your friends, family, a marching band, an assortment of hats and some video linked laptops. Sit your girlfriend on the back of a Honda, give her some headphones, press play on Bruno Mars’ Marry Me and get lip-syncing.

4. The Shock Building Leap Proposal:

Roof Jump proposal

The idea: Give your girlfriend a really big shock on what’s meant to be the most romantic moment of her life so far by leaping off a building just as you’re about to propose. Needless to say, we don’t fully endorse this one.

5. The 19:57 from Euston:

19:57 from Euston train proposal

The idea: Fill an entire London Overground carriage with a crowd of your singing friends, and make sure your girlfriend is seated in the middle of it all on her commute home from work. Something tells me it’s gonna be a lovely daaaaaay…

For more inspiration and unconventional ideas, take a look at our list of experience days. Are you brave enough to pop the question on a skydive?

Images: YouTubejustgrimes via Flickr
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