Out and About: Sevda’s Charles Worthington VIP Hair Makeover

Recently, we sent our esteemed colleague Sevda to the award-winning London salon of celebrity stylist Charles Worthington. Here is how she got on…

Charles Worthington

“From the second you walk into a Charles Worthington salon you feel an air of luxury. Their flagship Percy Street salon where my hair makeover took place is super modern, bright and airy.

My experience began with a thorough hair consultation from my Charles Worthington expert who asked lots of questions to determine my requirements and preferences, as well as asking about my usual hair treatment routine. I was well overdue a haircut but had been holding off as I wanted to grow it out to the point where it just got a bit limp! I had an image to give an idea of what I wanted and was helpfully advised that my desired look would be determined with the thickness and shape of my hair.

I was treated to a lovely glass of champagne and nibbles…to start in style, then headed over to the basins to have my hair shampooed and conditioned. My stylist also applied a Charles Worthington Instant Amplifying Volume Treatment, which is the treatment used backstage at the BAFTA’s. This was massaged on during the most relaxing scalp massage I have ever had, (better than most head massages I have had in spa salons) – I could have dozed off! All the while I was at the basin, the manicurist was preparing my fingers, it felt very VIP!

Sevda VIP

Once I was back in front of the mirrors, the manicurist presented me an array of nail polish colours to choose from, I opted for a deep aubergine, and she began to file and shape.

My haircut was completed with friendly banter and I noticed Charles Worthington himself cutting another clients hair directly behind me. It was nice to see the main man in action and he certainly has talent! Once my cut was perfected so began the ingenious blow dry technique – this combined with the Amplifying Treatment worked a treat.

Charles Worthington

With my new hairdo and newly polished nails I felt a million dollars. As an extra treat I got to take away a goody bag of Charles Worthington Salon at Home products. This experience left me feeling truly pampered and spoiled and I would definitely recommend it. What a lovely treat!”

Thanks Sevda! If this has tickled your fancy, find out more by taking a look at our Charles Worthington VIP Hair Makeover experience.

Images: RLD
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