Supercar Driving Day: Living the Dream

Jon and Dan, two of our most passionate petrol head employees, were recently offered the on road supercar driving day of their lives. It isn’t everyday such an invite comes through so they raced up to The Holiday Inn at Brent Cross to be greeted by a delicious line up including the Aston Martin DBS, Ferrari 430, McLaren, Lamborghini Gallardo, Audi R8, TVR Sagaris, Lotus Exige and Porsche 911 Turbo.

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Jon “It was like someone had delivered a wish list of the world’s most exciting cars. After a bite to eat and a quick reminder that our driving licences were at stake, it was time to get started.


First up, the McLaren MP4-12C. Considering it costs the best part of £200,000 and gets to 60 mph in just 3.1 seconds, it’s safe to say I was a little nervous about going out on the open road! The instructor Adrian gave a few pointers and then it was time to set off with instructions on how to get to the next checkpoint. Luckily my co-pilot Dan was reading the directions, so I could concentrate on handling the beast.

Thankfully after just a couple of minutes we were on the M1, where I could really open her up. The first thing that struck me about this car was the acceleration – it’s ludicrously quick. Brush the accelerator and you’re at 70 mph before you can blink (shame we weren’t in Germany). All too soon I was switching seats as Dan took control, but even being a passenger in this car was nerve shredding.


Next we switched to the Porsche 911 Turbo, and set off into the Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire countryside with the benefit of having the roof down, before stepping into the Aston Martin DBS. The car from the James Bond film Casino Royale makes you feel really special, and want to cruise all the way down to the French Riviera.


After a blast in the Audi R8, it was time for a relaxing lunch at a country pub, with everyone taking pictures of the unbelievable line up of cars.


We then got the keys to the totally bonkers TVR Sagaris, the most frightening car of the day. Hit a bump at speed to make it want to go off in a different direction – it was like wrestling a shark. Luckily the next car was a lot more stable, the Lotus Exige.

I can honestly say the Lotus was the most fun to drive of all the cars on the day, even though it was the least expensive. You could really feel the road, and it handled like a go-kart, which made chucking it into corners all the more satisfying.

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We finished with two of the big players – the Lamborghini Gallardo and Ferrari 430. Both of these are soft tops, so with the roof down the full brunt of the mighty engine noises are apparent while sailing past everyone on the dual carriageway.



All too soon we were back at Brent Cross, trying to decide which car was our favourite, a virtually impossible task as they’d all been fantastic in their own way. For one day only, we have been made to feel like the super rich, and we loved every minute”.

650 x 300 all cars

Dan – “Is that what celebrities feel like? I’ve driven supercars on a race circuit but this was something else. To be allowed on the open road and spend time in each car on our own was really special. From the excitement of the little Lotus, people taking pictures of us on their phones in the McLaren, to enjoying the sunshine in an open top Lamborghini.

The day had it all and we never stopped smiling or pinching ourselves! The hardest part was getting back in my own car with the sense I should maybe have worked harder at school so I could do that every day. Oh and deciding which I’d take home – The Audi R8 maybe? Choices, choices…”

Tell us your favourite supercar from this line up?


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