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Winter Style and Fashion Ideas for 2013

When the cold weather comes along, so do a whole new range of fashion choices – mostly involving wool, layers and looking like the Michelin man! Here is our brief guide to dressing for the cold – what to avoid and what will keep you feeling warm and looking hot this winter.

1. Avoid: Socks and Sandals

Socks and sandals

One to avoid at all costs – When there’s ice on the ground, it’s time to put the sandals away. I don’t care how nice your socks are! You’re better off with some big winter boots and when it comes to socks – put two on.

2. Embrace: Faux Fur

Fur is a great way to keep warm and with the amazing range and quality of faux furs available these days, there’s no need to wear any fur that used to have a face! Faux fur looks and feels amazing and most importantly, will have you feeling super toasty. Check out these amazing boots and jacket.

faux fur jacket and boots

3. Avoid: Novelty Christmas Jumpers

Novelty Christmas Jumper

Everyone loves a funny festive knit pre-December 25th. It gets you in the Christmas spirit, keeps you warm and has you feeling jollier than Santa himself. However, when January rolls around and the harsh reality of winter sets in, it’s time to put the novelty Christmas jumpers away. They are just SO last season.

4. Embrace: Extreme Headwear

Hats are brilliant for keeping the head warm, and are an excellent topping to any winter outfit. But let’s face it, faces have a habit of getting just as cold as the rest of the head and it’s not ideal walking around with a nose as red as Rudolph! Here are some alternative ways to keep your face feeling cosy in the winter months.

nose warmerCrazy balaclava

If your wardrobe is in need of some faux fur or exciting headwear and you need more fashion advice, have a look at our John Lewis Personal Shopping experience available across the UK.

So there we have it – Go forth into the cold and wear your hat, scarf and nose warmer(!) with pride. It’s the one time of year when it’s not cool to be cool!

Images: Cohdra via morgueFile and K.rol2007, KellyhogaboomNeil Ttiddlywinker, DoctorButtsMD and sarahemscc via Flickr



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