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We discovered an amazing collection of snow globes in the office of RLD’s very own Head of HR. We had to find out the stories behind some of Anne’s most prized possessions, she has over 80 snow globes originating from rom Hong Kong to Las Vegas to Cambodia and beyond, so we chose a few of our favourites to focus on. Read on to find out about this snowy collection.

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flashing globe - snow globes

We were instantly drawn to the flashing snow globe in Anne’s collection. This miniature disco snow globe was given to Anne after a friend went to Hong Kong on holiday and is the exclusive flashing snow globe in the collection.

Wedding Snow Globe - Anne's snow globes

This lovely From Me to You snow globe was a wedding gift to Anne and her husband from RLD and is still in its original box! The hand-painted water globe shows two bears on their wedding day and was a fitting tribute to an avid snow globe collector.

Kangaroo Snow Globe from Australia - Anne's snow globes

This snow globe arrived from Australia as a mystery to Anne as she didn’t know who had sent it to her! The snow globe contains a bright yellow kangaroo which Anne eventually discovered came from Dan S, one of our designers, who sent it to her from a trip there.

Buddha Head - Cambodia - Anne's snow globes

Dan is an avid contributor to Anne’s snow globe collection as this Buddha head snow globe was another gift for her collection from him. This snow globe came from Cambodia and was picked up by Dan when he was on his honeymoon.

Pope Snow Globe - Anne's snow globes

The Pope is one of the oldest snow globes in Anne’s collection, so old that the water is starting to evaporate out and make the Pope look like he is immersing from the water.

Las Vegas Snow Globe - Anne's snow globes

The Las Vegas globe one is one of the most exciting ones in Anne’s collection and is not a traditional snow globe. Befitting of a product of Las Vegas, it has glitter instead of snow and two dice which float around instead of a figure.

RLD Snowglobe - Anne's snow globes

Why not check out the RLD interactive Christmas snow globe  for a chance to sprinkle some festive cheer. Click on the advent calendar to find a daily treat, navigate to our blog, check out over 500 special offers as well as enter our competition!

Images: All RLD.

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