A Christmas party look from Benefit
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Christmas Party Look from Benefit

With Christmas party season in full swing, we consulted our favourite make-up experts Benefit to find out how to achieve a good Christmas party look that we can maintain throughout the festive season. Take a look at their top tips and have a go at re-creating them yourselves at home.

Benefit Christmas Party look one

Here at RLD we love our make-up friends at Benefit, having done our very own benefit make up test before but this time, we thought we would leave the make-up advice for the best Christmas party look to the professionals! Follow this step by step guide and learn how to re-create this look at home.

Prep & Prime

The first thing to do before creating any big party look is ensure you prep and prime the skin properly. Benefit recommends that you:

  1. Apply triple performing emulsion all over the face and leave to absorb for a few minutes
  2. Use your fingers to apply the POREfessional matte rescue

Prepping and priming the skin is essential for any christmas party look

 “Primers are my secret weapon!!! POREfessional matte rescue is my absolute fave, it will help even tone and smooth the skin, while locking makeup in place for up to 30 times longer. Oh….! and did I mention it also contains diamond dust. What girl could resist???” explains Benebabe Laurretta.


Then its time to move on to making sure your brows are looking great too! To do this:

  1. Prime your brows with BROW-vo conditioning primer, and brush them upwards to reveal any sparse areas
  2. Line under the brow using ka-BROW
  3. Brush the hairs down
  4. Line along the top of the brow using ka-BROW
  5. Use the remainder of the product on the brush to fill in the brow, and create hair like strokes at the front of the brow
  6. Finally, keep those hairs in place with ready, set, BROW!

The next important step is making sure you have perfect brows for your christmas party look.

TOP TIP: Always brush through the brows to create a seamless and blended finish.


  1. Sweep the applicator brush along the top shades of the they’re real! BIG sexy eye kit
  2. Sweep along the powder on the eyelid and repeat on the other side. If you would like to intensify the colour, then simply pick up a shadow brush and layer up the colour you desire
  3. Next, run they’re real! push up liner in beyond brown along the lash line and quickly smudge the eye shadow out
  4. Next, create a wing with they’re real! push up liner in black. Using a brush blend it seamlessly into the brown smoked line
  5. Finally, run a small amount of they’re real! push up liner in brown along the lower lash line, and using a shadow brush, pick up the darkest colour in the BIG sexy eye kit and blend blend blend over the top

Benefit shows how to get the best eye make up for Christmas

“This pen style liner gives you the perfect combination of flexibility and stability thanks to the unique accu flex tip which will bring you closer to your lash line than ever before!!” explains Benebabe Laurretta.


  1. Apply the hello flawless oxygen WOW foundation after the eye shadow, as you will clean up any fall down! By using a flat foundation brush, you are able to sharpen up any areas you need to. Win win!
  2. To brighten underneath the eye, apply erase paste and blend using a beauty sponge or your finger

Learn how to best apply foundation to create the perfect christmas party look


  1. Apply they’re real! tinted primer
  2. Load up those lashes with they’re real! mascara in black

“I always use they’re real lash primer. It will prolong wear, but also give that real false lash look without the fuss!” Benebabe Laurretta explains.

Discover how to get your lashes christmas party ready

Contour & Blush

  1. Apply hoola bronzer in a figure of three, first going along the forehead, then just under the cheekbone and finally under the jawline
  2. Apply dallas blush onto the apples of your cheeks
  3. Sharpen your contour with hello flawless powder. Layer on the product and leave for few minutes before sweeping off

Benefit helps perfect contouring and blush application techniques for the christmas party look


Last but not least to complete the Christmas party look don’t forget about your lips!

  1. Apply lusty rose for a gorgeous soft pink lip! “I love how they’re real double the lip gives you fuller looking lips in 1 easy step, these beauties have built in liner that does all the hard work for you!…… dreamy!” explains Laurretta.The complete Christmas party look from Benefit

Fancy re-creating this look at home? Head over to our Red Letter Days social channels and look out for the chance to win some Benefit goodies #RLDPartyPerfection

Images: All Benefit.

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