Shock Choc: The Weird & Wonderful World of Chocolate

What with it being Chocolate Week in the UK at the moment, we thought we’d delve into the weird and wonderful world of chocolate.

So if you’re bored with the standard bar of milk, white or dark chocolate, here are some other options to consider…

choc04Strange Flavoured Chocolate

We’ve all heard of mint and orange flavoured chocs, but what about when you’re feeling slightly more adventurous and want to try something a little different? A company called Chuao have a very interesting range of chocolates with flavours such as maple and bacon chocolate, potato chip flavour and popcorn chocolate.

Pictured above is white chocolate flavoured with lemon and pepper – which sounds interesting! In the middle is a flavour from the famous Irish crisp company Tayto – they’ve gone one step further than Chuao and have produced cheese and onion crisps flavoured chocolate. I’ve actually tried this, and while I’m not going to be rushing out to buy more (the aftertaste is odd) – I think it’s something that needs to be sampled once in your life!

On the end is a green tea flavoured Kit Kat from Japan. In Japan, Kit Kat have brought out over 200 flavours since the year 2000, including red bean, soy sauce, ginger ale and banana flavours.

Chocolate Flavoured Things


Since chocolate is such a popular treat and flavour, many companies produce their products in chocolate flavours. Above is just a selection of what we found – chocolate flavoured Skittles (not very tasty apparently), chocolate flavoured fizzy drink (looks questionable), chocolate peanut butter flavoured Lip Smacker lip balm (sounds delicious) and Hershey’s chocolate flavoured bubblegum (we’d give it a try).

Chocolate Beer


It might not appeal to everyone, but we think chocolate beer sounds delicious. Above are Brooklyn Brewery’s Black Chocolate Stout and Young’s Double Chocolate Stout. We also found chocolate and cherry chocolate beer – a good Halloween or Christmas treat perhaps?

Even Stranger Findings


This popular Japanese treat comes in several flavours, including the bizzarely named Men’s Pocky. This variety is less sweet than the other types of Pocky – and it’s anyone’s guess as to why it’s called Men’s!


Incredibly, the above treats aren’t sushi but are sweet treats made mainly of chocolate – even the little plates are solid chocolate. The prawn is white chocolate with an almond filling, the second is gummy roe wrapped in dark chocolate and the last is a lemon flavoured treat made in the image of Japanese omelette.

choc16Lastly, we had to include these amazing peppers – no they aren’t made of chocolate, they’re just brown. But they fooled us!

To celebrate chocolate week, why not take one of our delicious chocolate experiences? Or try making this chocolate brownie recipe from celebrity chef Eric Lanlard.

Have you ever tried any strange and wonderful chocolate treats?

 Images from Boz Bros, Paul Watson, whatleydude, Roo Reynolds, Steve Nagata, TheFoodJunk, Robyn Lee, Stephen Rees, Bernt Rostad, Richard Masoner/Cyclelicious,  Rachel Lovinger and Caroline via Flickr.

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