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What Makes Christmas So Special?

When this question was discussed here in the RLD offices, the word that was most used was memories. It seems that for us, the most valued part of the Christmas season is #making memories with family and friends – and the stories that are re-told.

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With nostalgia in mind, we asked a couple of lifestyle bloggers to tell us their favourite Christmas memory.

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Bee from Vivatramp

“My dad is a bit arty so every Christmas he would make me wait behind the glass lounge door for about 20 minutes or so whilst he lined up the perfect shot of the Christmas tree. However, one Christmas I decided that I wasn’t going to humour him anymore – enough was enough! I ending up having a massive strop that was caught on camera. You can hear me shout ‘I want my presents!’ before bounding in attempting to do a very Hollywood get-that-camera-out-of-my-face right hook at the camcorder. It’s my favourite memory, due to its hilarity and is a perfect example of my festive impatience.”

Bee blogs over at Vivatramp, talking about books, adventures and life by the seaside. You can also find her at @vivatramp giving insights into life in her corner of the internet.

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Meg from Craft It. Bake It.

“My favourite Christmas memory has to be Christmas with my late grandmother. She’d keep us all awake and we’d head down to Midnight Mass for carols and a mince pie, all rather bleary eyed! The next day we would all pile into her house for gifts – I remember a huge box full of presents I could literally stand up in. All of my cousins got their gifts and we would open them as fast as we could before the dog got hold of them (he LOVED opening presents). Later on we had dinner and then a game of cards, which often got quite heated even if we only played for 2p’s. Christmas changed a lot when she passed away.”

You’ll find Meg giving an insight into her life and home as well as talking all things arts and crafts over at her blog Craft It. Bake it.  Keep up-to-date with her musings and join in the chat on Twitter by following @megjenner

All this talk of reminiscing has had us looking back over previous festive blog posts and we’ve found some that are most definitely still relevant this year. Read up on how to make some great Christmas cocktails, try your hand at baking festive Christmas cupcakes and hear staff stories about what happens in their house at this time of year. Ahh memories!

Do you agree that Christmas is all about #MakingMemories? Share your favourite with us below!

Image via Flickr: Eden Janine and Jim

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