#LiveaLittle: Up at The O2

With 2018 well and truly underway, we have embarked on our mission to make it the year to #LiveaLittle! Forget comfort zones and playing it safe, it’s time to seize the day and jump headfirst into some exciting new activities.

This month, I (Red Letter Days’ Sophie) was lucky enough to be sent on my very own #LiveaLittle adventure, swapping solid ground for city heights at Up at The O2. Heights usually send my legs to jelly, so I was slightly apprehensive about the climb, however, excitement outweighed the fear by far.

Up at The o2

Up at the O2

Since its construction in 2000 to mark the start of the third millennium, The O2 has become a top London icon. As I found myself standing at the base preparing for my ascent, the grand scale of the structure really dawned on me. Standing at 50 metres tall and boasting a diameter of 365 metres, the expansive piece of architecture dominates the bank of the Greenwich peninsula.

Looking up, I could see what resembled a suspended blue trampoline, forming a pathway up and across the centre of the building. Despite the enticingly bouncy appearance, we were instructed that jumping was strictly prohibited (spoil the fun why don’t you?).

To start off, my group of fellow urban mountaineers and I met our helpful instructor and sat down to watch a short video outlining all the essential health and safety advice for our climb. Once fully briefed, we were kitted out with comfy climb suits, sturdy boots and safety harnesses (phew!). Dressed for the occasion, it was time to set out on our urban mountaineering adventure! One by one, we took it in turns to clip ourselves onto the safety rail at the centre of the walkway and begin our ascent. The initial few metres were incredibly steep and I could definitely feel my calf muscles having a workout- who needs the gym when you can climb The O2?Up at the O2

At the summit, the walkway levelled out onto a spacious viewing platform and our legs were given a temporary break, while we took in the panoramic views of East London and beyond. Luckily, the weather was on our side that day, giving crystal clear views spanning 15 miles in each direction, including a glimpse of the Olympic Village across the Thames, London City Airport, The Shard and the Thames Barrier. We even spotted a seal basking on the beach as we made our way back down!

facts about The O2

If you’re paying a visit to London and fancy catching a glimpse of the capital from a whole new perspective, or you’re a Londoner looking for a fun, unique way to spend your weekend, I’d definitely recommend giving Up at The O2 a go! Not only are the views fantastic, but the climb itself is lots of fun. Happy climbing!

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Images: Red Letter Days

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