Kids raise summer smiles

Kids Raise Summer Smiles

NEWSFLASH: It’s the announcement parents everywhere have been eagerly awaiting – we have reached the half way point of the summer holidays – hurray!  Some of you may be at the end of your tether but we have found some videos of entertaining kids to give you summer smiles. For those of you still looking for ways to entertain the kids have a read of our previous blog for some ideas. Check out these adorable clips….

How to Stop your Baby Crying on a Road Trip

The parents of this little one had the great idea of when their daughter wouldn’t stop crying on a car journey, to blast some Katy Perry!  Yes – that’s right pop princess Katy Perry really is a dark horse (sorry we couldn’t stop ourselves)!  A-List celebrity come baby soother – we say don’t knock it until you try it!

Little Boy Takes Takewondo Exam

We cant stop cooing at this video and in fact we challenge you not to too. Everything about it (and the child) is adorable; from his miniature uniform to his little tantrum on the board – what’s not to love?

Baby Pool Boy

If you’re renting a villa this summer and are worried about who’s going to keep the pool clean for the time you’re there, then look no further than your own children. This little boy has his technique down to a tee.

Buzz does Bieber

The man behind the sensational wedding speech video and baby bump announcement is back, and he has done it again. Tom from McBusted (no, we still haven’t got our heads around that noughties boy band merger yet either), has made an adorable video with his son Buzz. Their duet to Bieber’s ‘Baby’ will have your heart’s melting.

Kids and Parents Rally Driving at Silverstone

On the theme of parent and child-bonding activities, why not challenge your kids this summer to a Rally Driving Day. Let the track decide who really is in charge.

If all these videos of kids being cute have got you wanting to spoil your own little ones, then why not check out our kids and family experience days.

Videos: RLDYouTube

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