Try your hand at some arts and crafts this Mother's day to make it a special day for your mum.
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Handmade Crafts and Cards for Mother’s Day

Here at Red Letter Days, we believe that the best gifts are not necessarily the most expensive, but the ones with real emotional importance. With Mother’s Day fast approaching we come up with some handmade crafts and cards ideas to make Mother’s Day special. A handmade card or gift is a great way of putting a smile on mum’s face – and it can be fun to make too!

There are loads of brilliant projects out there and we’ve listed a few simple but heart-warming gift ideas below.

handmade crafts and cards are a perfect way to make something special for mum on a budget

Handmade Card

It may not sound like much, but a handmade card can still be the perfect Mother’s Day gift. The thought and effort that goes into it often means that it will be better received than a shop bought card (even if the colours don’t always stay within the lines).

A handmade card is a personal way of expressing the mother-child bond and kids are sure to have a great time coming up with designs. Although the only essential bits of equipment are a piece of paper and a pen, children may want to add glitter, beads, feathers – practically anything can be used to create a truly unique card. In fact, why not make it together and help your child explore their creative talent?

Some kids hard at work with some arts and crafts!


Crafts for kids shouldn’t be overly challenging and this simple coupon gift idea lets children share their ideas and feel helpful at the same time.

Children simply divide an A4 sheet of paper into nine smaller sections and write a treat in each section. It can be something as simple as ‘help mum tidy up’ or ‘give mum a hug’, but it encourages children to do things for others.

Kids can also decorate the coupons in their own distinctive style using stickers, paint or other colouring tools.

Kids come up with some creative things when they are allowed to play with arts and crafts.

Recycle That Rubbish

Boxes, packaging and other items that have served their initial purpose can make a great base for a handmade Mother’s Day gift.

A splash of paint here and a dab of glue there can turn an egg box or juice carton into a modern day masterpiece and helps children to learn an important lesson about re-using old items. There are a whole host of free resources that kids can use to make a great arts and craft item for mum. Just adding a leaf or small branch from outside, for example, can add some texture and colour to spruce up a gift.

Happy Mums Day! Make sure you make your mum something mumtastic!

Special occasions like Mother’s Day can be a great time for kids to show off their artistic skills by creating a unique present. There are plenty of websites like NetMums that are full of potential ideas for birthdays, Easter and other holidays. However, by purchasing your child a craft box, they can enjoy making personal arts and crafts pieces all year round.

We hope these handmade cards and crafts ideas for Mother’s Day have offered you some inspiration and if you’re still looking to treat mum to something special, it’s not too late. We offer an e-voucher delivery option so you can receive your gift in an instant!

images: jijis, kimberly, USAG HUMPHREYs, hydra arts and wurz via flickr

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