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Five Good Reasons to Enter an Obstacle Course Challenge

Obstacle course challenges are not for the faint hearted!

These gruelling, muddy events, which are becoming increasingly popular, are based on military training courses – designed to test all-round stamina, strength, team work and mental grit.

Sounds tough? Well, here are five good reasons to give one of them a go…

The above is a teaser video for Tough Mudder South West, which is taking place this weekend.

1. Obstacle course challenges take place all over the UK most of the year, so it’s easy to find one local to you – and tomorrow Tough Mudder is holding an event in Gloucestershire!

2. It’s exciting. Rather than just running on flat ground for 10 miles, these courses are usually broken up with lots of fun and challenging obstacles, including the likes of monkey bars and mud baths. This helps to take your mind off the length of the course, while keeping you on your toes at all times!

Tough Mudder

3. Teamwork always comes first, so there’s a real sense of camaraderie at these events. This means if you are struggling to tackle an obstacle, there will always be lots of people around to help you out – and make sure you finish the course.

4. Increased bragging rights! Although conquering any demanding physical event is impressive, telling your mates that you’ve waded through mud, survived an electricity fuelled mine field (shocking, we know!) and swum through an ice bath is even more so!

Tough Mudder

5. Beer will never taste so good! Whatever your tipple, after completing an obstacle course challenge, that first drink will be incredibly satisfying – and it’s even better when you can enjoy the moment with your team mates.

If this has got you in the mood to get up, get active or even take part in one of next year’s events, why not check out our Military Survival Boot Camp Experience or full range of exciting adventure challenges?

What is the toughest event you’ve ever taken part in?

Images: DVidsHub, chris woodhouse and shauna leigh robinson via flickr

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