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By admin February 23, 2015

*This competition is now closed*

Thank you for all your entries! The winners are 1st prize to jamielmdjs@ – a three hour cookery class at School of Wok in London. 2nd prize of a School of Wok branded wok to mandyfluffybunny@  Congratulations, we’ll be in touch!

Today we launch an exciting competition with one of our award-winning cookery schools – School of Wok, so read on for details on how to enter and catch our interview with Head Chef Jeremy Pang.

School of Wok's Head Chef Jeremy Pang.

What inspired your interest in cooking?

I come from a long line of great eaters, but also great cooks, bakers and chefs. Both sides of my family have history and experience within the food industry and I’m proud to say I now own a school just minutes away from the Chinese bakery once owned by my grandfather. But my biggest inspiration for cooking was the love and passion my dad always had for it. He started me and my sisters at an early age, getting us to try different ingredients when cooking for us or when we travelled. It’s so exciting to be following his dream of becoming a chef.

What is your favourite type of cuisine to cook?

Chinese of course and Thai!

What is your favourite food to eat?

That depends on where I am really, and if I have to cook it. I love Singapore-style chilli crab, it’s one of my signature dishes, but I’m equally easy to please with a great steak with chips.

Delicious Chinese cuisine creations from the School of Wok

What basic tips would you give to a beginner in the kitchen?

Organise yourself and your ingredients first! We teach a method called the ‘wok clock’ at the school, which really helps get you set up to cook. Get all your ingredients chopped up, marinated, mixed etc. then arrange it clockwise on a plate, in the order you use it. It makes the actual cooking part pretty simple, and so much more fun when you’re not worried about what comes next.

What is the secret to good cooking?

For good cooking you want to be relaxed so you enjoy the process, fully prepared (as I mentioned earlier), and have paired together a nice balance of flavours. You can create amazing flavours with just a few ingredients too.

Delicious Chinese food from the School of Wok

Are there any Red Letter Days experiences that you would love to try?

The Sunrise Champagne Hot Air Balloon Ride for Two sounds fun, I’m sure my wife would like something like that. Anything that involves eating where I’m not cooking also sounds pretty good. Not that I don’t love to cook, but it’s always a treat when someone else cooks for you.

Thanks Jeremy!

Compete to WIN a three hour cookery class at School of Wok in London, or the second prize of a School of Wok branded wok, by simply telling us your favourite dish to cook in a comment below (remember to include your email address)! Competition closes at midnight on Sunday 1st March and will be announced next Monday.

Good luck!

images supplied by The School of Wok.

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Nickie Chapman says

I like to make lasagna - a lot of put it and leave it, but with an impressive result!

Sarah Hairsine says

I love making a creamy soup, it's a great way to pack in your 5 a day when you're feeling under the weather!

Kiran Kishore says

My favourite dish to cook is an Indian egg curry - it's so simple, but absolutely delicious, and people love it because it's very different to anything they've ever tasted! This is the recipe:

Hayley Smart says

I adore creating exciting dishes and recently I attempted a mouth watering Red Bass Curry made with not only bass but catfish all mingled with some aromatic Thai spices,how glorious it was...I teamed it up with some wok fried Pad Thai Noodles, deliciously made with a rich tamarind sauce smothering a mix of beansprouts,peanuts, shallots and chicken...

Sara Davies says

I love stir frys, they are quick and easy but taste so good too

Fiona K says

Steak and potatoes

Lucy Robinson says

I love making Carbonara. x

Tamsin W says

I like making homemade chicken and mushroom pie !

Stephanie Besley says

I love making thai green curry, I absolutely love thai food and this is a favourite I can make at home - so quick and easy to make too. Would love to learn how to master the wok.

Kendelle cooke says

My favourite dish to cook is homemade beef in black bean sauce with egg fried rice

Rita Mistry says

I love making Jeera Chicken with Chapati's and a simple tomato/red onion salad with a lemon dressing.

Sandra Bald says

I love making leek & boursin Risotto

David M says

Stir-Fried Clams with Spicy Bean Sauce

Gareth Watkins says

I've ben making a lot of Mexican inspired dishes lately. It's the warm spices in winter that work so well.

Melissa-lee says

I'm not very adventurous wish I could experiment more with flavours - so old fashioned roast is easy option

Dom says

I love (to attempt) cooking Asian food. Picking just one dish is really really really hard but at the moment if pushed I would have to say beef pho. Beef seared rare on the pan with the juices poured into a big bowl of soup, filled with spices, sweet, salty, sour and spicy flavours. Loads of crunchy vegetables and some Chinese soup noodles cooked and served in the broth. YUM!!!

Lindsey Smith says

My favourite dish to cook is duck with hoi sin sauce and fresh noodles

Cheryl says

Oven-baked mushroom risotto (Delia Smith's recipe!)

Mark Hassall says

My favourite dish to cook is toad in the hole, with mashed potatoes, greens and gravy. Will defeat even the coldest winter nights!


Chilli chicken

Iva Petrovic says

My favourite dish to make is beef goulash casserole dish with creamy mash potatoes! Very filling and utterly delicious.

Kelly Koya says

I like to cook Indian food, especially dosa, idly, sambhar. It's jsut a pity it takes hours to make and then just minutes for the family to scoff it all!

zoe payne says

pad thai

Marie Bovington says

I like to cook salmon fillet with pesto and green beans served with new potatoes. It would be followed by homemade chocolate cake. This is mainly because it is the only thing I know how to cook well!

Jo Young says

I like cooking pasta dishes!

Mary L says

I love making chicken parcels

Rachel Gilbert says

I love making a stir fry with chicken but it would be great to add other dishes to my chinese menu

Sean Brady says

Spaghetti Carbonara. Easy to cook and tastes delicious.

Melissa Peakman says

I love to cook a creamy Indian Royal Chicken, then also prepare and cook buttered Basmati rice as a side dish. I really love dry-frying the spices, then grinding them to add to the dish, the freshness of the flavours makes so much difference to overall taste and authenticity

Yasmine Woolley says

My favourite dish to cook is Pad Thai. It always goes down well!

Siobhan Davis says

Love cooking Spaghetti Bolognaise  Would love to be considered for this amazing giveaway x

sharon mead says

love to cook moussaka xxx

Respond says

A good old fashioned roast dinner [with all the trimmings]

Alley says

I love to cook jerk chicken, yam, sweet potatoes and plantain.

roshni patel says

I like to cook paneer makhani and many other indian dishes. Pastas and stirfry too.

Miss Nisaa Roberts says

My forte has to be Thai Green Curry. Although I make it Thai-level hot and have reduce several people to tears but they still carry on eating!

Rose Eros says

Beef Steak with peanut butter sauce + creamy mushroom and roasted potato.. All time favourite :D

cat reynolds says

I am enjoying learning to cook the basics right first like soup, fish pie, omelettes though I want to try my hand at Japanese recipes as I love the food from there and find it makes me fuller then other cuisine.

Rich Tyler says

I love making CHEESECAKE - I know it's naughty, but it's so yummy! :)

Priya Shah says

Mexican chilli bean stew with nachos and enchiladas.

Jan Beal says

My favourite meal? quick cook - pan fried salmon and stir fry vegetables: slowcook - Ox cheek casserole.

Toby Gillatt says

I make a mean Sweet and sticky slow roasted belly pork ribs, bubbling juicy and tender.
Think I might go make some now.

Tom Baines says

love cooking chilli its easy but could do with some help for sure

Georgie Aronin says

I love cooking garlic and pancetta pasta tossed in chilli oil. Simple, but super yummy.

Kathryn Casbolt says

I love to throw things into the wok and experiment. Every week I buy meat and vegetables and I toss it whatever I fancy! I do usually go for ready made sauces and would love to learn the skills of creating these from scratch.

Jackie ONeill says

Love all chinese and thai food and my favourite dish to cook it Tom Yum soup

Claire Tucker says

I love making stir fry

Sarah Parker says

lasagne :)

Justin says


cathyj says

i love stir frys you can adapt to what you have around to put in them

Wendy Smith says

My favourite dish at the moment is Stir Fried Hoisin Pork with Red Pepper - though I'm still trying to perfect the steamed rice!

Francesca Tuck says

I make a great walnut bolognaise. Superb for dinner parties with a vegetarian.

Filipa Alexandre says

Chickpea curry

Louise Wong says

Spag bol

Respond says

Crispy shredded chilli beef, closely followed by pancake rolls which are amazingly easy to make at home.



Kevin says

I'm a big fan of risotto.

Eliza Wilder says

Chilli Beef Stir Fry - healthy and when I have a cold the spices do me a wonder of good!

Beth Castle says

I love making soups, I make about 1 soup every day.

William says

I love a good stir-fry, it's a great way to clear out any veg or meat left in the fridge. Quick and tasty.

lyndsey says

I love the routine and getting the timing right of the great british full english breakfast!

denise s says

chicken and chorizo risotto

Respond says

I like to cook cottage pie its a family favorite

Alison Clark says

My favourite at the moment is sweet and sour king prawns with egg fried rice - The flavours that I put in our so fresh and its really quick to cook like many chinese meals however I have a lot to learn :)

Respond says

Personally I love cooking a big roast dinner with all the trimmings.

Recently I've been dabbling with homemade pizza. Not perfect yet so more work to do.

I love attempting Chinese - particularly a curry - but I am not great at it yet. Need some help!

James Donovan says

I love cooking with pork belly. I prefer it to be crispy and cover it in a bbq glaze with a hint of chilli

Bernie says

I love making curries - especially lamb and beetroot which all my family love

Jo says

I love making chicken and noodle soup

emily says

Shredded duck with pancakes

Olivia says

experimenting by mixing savoury with sweet things :)

Katie Walden Hall says

Lasagna - so easy to make but always yummy and impressive!

Tanya Vincent says

Our favourite food is thai, so my favourite dinner to cook has to be Chicken with Oyster mushrooms over steamed rice.... mmmmmm.

james ottery says

got to be pad thai

Lauren Chaplin says

Beef wellington, I don't cook this a lot but when i do I like to cook from scratch even the pastry and it is divine.