Hot air ballooning with Red Letter Days

What Makes Hot Air Ballooning So Exciting?

It’s was a long time coming, but the hot air ballooning season, which generally runs from April to October, is here. Our signature Red Letter Days balloons are raring to go and in this blog post, we celebrate all things hot air ballooning so head with us up, up and away.

RLD at the hot air ballooning festival in Bristol - Bristol Balloon Fiesta 2015
RLD and others pre take off at Bristol Balloon Fiesta 2015

The Way It Makes You Feel

The Invention Of The Hot Air Balloon

From a brood of 16 children, it was two of the French Montgolfier brothers who developed the first fledgling hot air balloon and showed it to the world on 19 September 1783. Debut flights were unmanned and with animals, but the first (tethered) balloon flight with humans happened around October 15, 1783, taking Jacques-Etienne Montgolfier into the air.

How To Make A Hot Air Balloon

Marion is the senior seamstress at Cameron Balloons and, as she helped to make both Red Letter Days hot air balloon envelopes, she explains what goes into making a balloon. Our friends at Cameron Balloons are the main manufacturer of hot air balloons in the UK.

Hot Air Balloon Wallpaper

Call us sad, but such is our love of hot air balloons that in our Southgate offices, we even have wallpaper with hot air balloons on. Our owners Theo Paphitis and Peter Jones had their photoshoot with our immortalised Red Letter Days balloon wallpaper – you decide who is the most photogenic. William Morris eat your heart out!

Theo and Peter by RLD balloon wallpaper 997 x 610
Theo and Peter by RLD balloon wallpaper

Balloon Festivals

These are held all over the country during summer months, and make for a brilliant day out for all the family. Because our own balloons have been made in Bristol, Red Letter Days staff often attend the popular Bristol International Balloon Fiesta held each August (with the added bonus of a possible invite to the gala dinner).

One of the best things at a hot air balloon festival is picking out favourites from all the novelty-shaped balloons. This one was called Arky, and it looks big enough to house 2 of each animal!

Arky from Liz in Flickr 800 x 630
Arky the novelty hot air balloon

When And Where Can I Go On a Hot Air Balloon Ride

Hot air ballooning takes place all over the country, at both sunrise and sunset, with plenty of special offers, and we also include a free photobook worth over £30 with each sale. You need to be an early bird to catch the morning flight, but there is something very special about being ‘up’ so early, greeting the new day in such a unique way. While late risers might prefer to pass the early evening seeing the world from a new perspective. Whichever option you choose, hot air ballooning has to be one of the most unusual and exciting things you will ever do. From the gentle feeling of the ground slipping away to the surprising complete absence of wind during flight, there really is nothing like it.

Something To Cross Off The Bucket List

Is hot air ballooning on YOUR bucket list? Choose a flight at a time and place that suits you from our massive range of hot air ballooning experiences.

IMAGES AND VIDEO: RLD and Liz via Flickr

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