We’re Celebrating…The World’s Most Famous Pets

From jumping Jack Russell’s and panting pit bulls to slithering snakes and leaping lizards, pets come in many different shapes and sizes.

These famous pets have made appearances on the small screen, been ‘papped’ with their celebrity owners or gone viral on the internet, making them household names the world over…

Famous Pets

Bubbles Jackson

Formerly the pet of pop superstar Michael Jackson, this cuddly chimpanzee was a proud feature of the singer’s stuffed toy range Michael’s Pets and in 2009 even released the book Bubbles: My Secret Diary, From Swaziland to Neverland (a spoof diary written by journalist John Blake).

Famous Pets

Tinkerbell Hilton

People say pets tend to look like their owners and in this case, we think it’s true! This high-flying pet chihuahua is often seen hanging out in an expensive designer handbag or relaxing in her $325,000 dog home at the hotel heiresses Beverly Hills pad.

Snoopy the Cat

This unusually striking Exotic Shorthair melted the hearts of animal lovers all over the globe when his owner posted an adorable picture of him on Instagram. Snoopy’s big eyes, raccoon tail and cute face stood out from the crowd, making him one of the most famous pets of 2012.

Famous Pets


This dancing dog found fame on the prime time television show Britain’s Got Talent when he trotted his way to the top spot with help from owner and partner in crime, Ashley Butler. Now, Pudsey is a world sensation and has even taken a trip to LA in Simon Cowell’s private jet!

Guilty Dogs

Recently, ‘guilty dogs’ have been trending on the web and this top ten video compilation shows exactly why these conniving canines are so popular…

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Who are your favourite famous pets?

Images: Bradley Wind, Luiz Fernando / Sonia MariaEva Rinaldi Celebrity and Live Music Photographer, Kathy Doucette, Benja. He, garryknight and Beverly & Pack via Flickr

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