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Valentine’s Day Gifts – Ten Things They WON’T Appreciate

Has your partner ever messed up and tried to make everything right with a cheap bunch of carnations or chocolates purchased from the nearest garage? They say love is blind, but here are our tips of items best NOT to invest in this Valentine’s Day (or any day!).



1. A Vacuum Cleaner (or any cleaning implement). This one should be self-explanatory, but just in case there’s any confusion: it’s no longer the 1950s.

2. Size Too Small. Ask friends or sneak into her wardrobe rather than risk buying her something that really does make her bum look big.

3. A Self Help Book. No one likes to be reminded of their shortcomings, so steer clear unless you want to read How to Survive a Breakup.

4. A Teddy Bear. She could already be nuts about them, but in that case she probably already has hundreds…

5. Scales or a Course of Weight Watchers. You mean ‘a body’s relative mass or quantity of matter contained by it’? Don’t mention the W word.



1. Something You Want. It’s not about you, so avoid tickets to see the latest rom com or boy band concert.

2. Girly Car Accessories. A pink steering wheel cover or fluffy dice won’t do his street cred. any good.

3. Video Games. He’ll love them, but you run the risk he will spend all day glued to the screen and not paying you any attention.

4. Mouthwash or a Dental Hygenist Visit. If you are having to consider such a gift, it may be time to change your partner?

5. A Onesy. Hmm, men in onesies – a hotly debated issue in recent months. Our office consensus says only in the privacy of your own home. And never own up to it.

Don’t worry if we’ve just scuppered your gift giving plans, Red Letter Days have a multitude of fantastic Valentine’s day gift experiences suitable for couples. You can buy for one another or choose to do something together.

Let us know your worst or best ever Valentine’s present in the comments below.

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