Shrove Tuesday – Five Pancake Ideas

Tomorrow is one of the best days of the year – Pancake Day! Last year, we gave you a great basic recipe and some ideas on how to spice it up.

This year, we thought we would give you a few more exciting ideas to make your pancake day a little different.


1. Poppy seed pancakes. Everyone loves a lemon and poppy seed muffin, so why not add that winning combination to your pancakes? Add poppy seeds to the mix and serve with lemon and sugar.

2. Pizza pancake. The idea is simple – take your pancake, add a little tomato puree, a bit of cheese and anything else you want! Pop under the grill for a few minutes and Bob’s your uncle – pizza pancake!


3. Potato pancake. Perfect for those who want something with a bit more stodge, the potato pancake can be made many different ways. Shred the potatoes (no need to cook the potato beforehand) or use leftover mash, the perfect addition to a hearty Pancake Tuesday dinner.

4. Birthday pancake. Do you know someone with a birthday tomorrow? This is also a good idea for general birthday breakfasts. Make a few pancakes, put some icing or cream, some sprinkles and a candle or two on the top and there you have it! A perfect breakfast birthday celebration.


5. Courgette Pancakes. To add a bit of veg to your pancakes, makes them a little bit healthier, adds bulk and loads of flavour! Shredded courgette is a great addition, making them perfect for lunch or dinner.


So there you have it! Five more ideas for perfect pancake making. Have fun tomorrow pouring and flipping!

How will you have yours?

Images from Charles Rodstrom, protogarrett, churl, Till Westermayer and tracy benjamin via Flickr.

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