Pancake Day Race in Olney, Buckinghamshire!

Pancake Day – The Olney Pancake Race

Tomorrow is Pancake Day and it’s also an extremely special day in the town of Olney, Buckinghamshire. Every year, the ladies of the town compete in the pancake race! Read on to find out about this crazy tradition.
The annual traditional Pancake Day Race in Olney, Buckinghamshire!

The race dates back to 1445

No-one knows exactly how the tradition started, but one theory is that a woman was so eager to get to church when she heard the shriving bell (the bell to summon the pre-Lenten mass), that she ran clutching her frying pan with a pancake still in it!

The little town of Olney is in Buckinghamshire!

The race has lapsed many times over the centuries, most recently during WW11. It was revived in 1948 by the Vicar of Olney who found old pictures of the race in a cupboard.

The whole day is filled with pancake related festivities and the children of Olney take part in races across the town.

The Pancake Day race in full swing in Buckinghamshire!

Every year the town competes against the ladies of Liberal, Kansas USA – a friendly across-the-globe competition that is in its 66th year! Check out the runners below.

The annual pancake day in full swing.

Why not hold your own pancake race this year? If you’re looking for some pancake inspiration, try this recipe and these variations!

What’s your favourite pancake topping?

Images from Robin Myerscough and Kansas Tourism via Flickr.

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