We take a look at what not to buy for a loved one this festive season.
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What NOT To Buy For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is this Saturday and if you have a special lady or man in your life, it’s a good idea to start planning your gift. We’vc already showed you what to buy and now we thought we’d make it a bit easier by ruling out what not to buy!

We take a look at what not to buy for Valentine's Day so that you avoid it being thrown in the bin!

1. Boring Household Appliance – Toasters, kettles, irons, ironing boards and ironing board covers – although these types of things might be useful, they aren’t exactly romantic, so best to steer clear.

A toaster or other useless kitchen appliances and a McDonalds meal are on our what not to buy list!

2. Trip to a Fast Food Restaurant – It may be quick, convenient and very tasty but take your loved one for some fast food on Valentine’s Day and you may be spending the next one single! Try something a bit more upmarket.

3. A Pint – Unless your partner is especially low-key, this probably won’t cut the mustard. However, if your beau is a sports fan – a cold pint down the pub while watching one of the many sporting events on Valentine’s Day could be the way to their heart. Cricket, rugby and football – you’re spoilt for choice!

4. Self-Help Book – A book is a nice gift but advising someone to self-improve? Not so much.

5. Something from The Pound Shop – Believe us, they will know.

Dead roses and gifts from the 99p store are also on our what not to buy shopping list.

6. Petrol Station Flowers – Instead of being super-romantic, these will probably smell more like super unleaded.

7. Something That’s Really For Yourself – Those tickets to the rugby or front row seats to the latest rom-com aren’t fooling anyone.

8. A Diamond Encrusted Toilet Seat – This bizarre gift was apparently given to Jennifer Lopez from Ben Affleck. We think a toilet seat is a bad idea no matter how sparkly it is.

What’s the worst Valentine’s gift you ever received?

Images from Tim O’Brien, Duncan Hull, Roadside pictures, jb.galedo and Elliott Brown via Flickr.

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