National Gardening Week 2013: Get Those Gloves On!

From Monday 15th to Friday 21st April, horticultural enthusiasts across the UK will be putting on their gloves and cleaning up their trowels to take part in National Gardening Week.

Run by the Royal Horticultural Society (the organisation responsible for the illustrious Chelsea Flower Show), this seven day event is geared towards highlighting the benefits of gardening, from creating community spirit and improving the environment to getting active and keeping Britain beautiful.

Throughout the week, the RHS will be getting their hands dirty with a host of fun and informative special events across the UK to create a buzz around gardening and promote careers in horticulture. But, it’s not only the RHS who will be running the show, everyone can get involved and there are plenty of ways to do so!

If you want to muck in and be part of National Gardening Week, here are a few fun ideas to help you get in the spirit…

Host a Gardening Party: If you have an outdoor space, this is a great way to get people together and get gardening (and is particularly advantageous if your garden is need of some serious TLC)! Simply invite friends, allocate a job to everyone and as a reward for a days’ hard work, provide entertainment and a well-earned spread – maybe a BBQ or a refreshing afternoon tea?

Visit a Botanical Garden: Botanical gardens are well tended spaces which house a wonderful selection of plants and wildlife of all origins, shapes and sizes. There are many vast and wonderful botanical gardens all over the UK and as plants are labelled by their botanical names, these wonderful places provide a fun and educational day out for all  the family.

Grow Something Indoors: As not everyone has a garden, especially those who live in a bustling city centre where space in general is a commodity, indoor house plants or herb gardens are a great way to add a little colour to your home. Simply buy a house plant or growing kit, follow the instructions and after a short while, you’ll have your very own indoor garden or fresh herbs to add a little flair to your cooking!

If you are compelled to get out those secateurs, why not check our celebrity gardening experience?

Tell us about your gardening projects and adventures. 

Images: Karen Roe, eeka, DeVaughnSquire and Swami Stream via Flickr

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