Have You Ditched Your New Year Resolution Yet?

There is a certain pressure that prevails in January. It affects virtually all of us and the question even takes over chit chat about the weather. Is there anyone who hasn’t been asked what their New Year resolution is?



From Boxing Day to mid January, talk of New Year resolutions from all quarters is hard to avoid. January 17th is the most common day to give up any resolution so we are celebrating National Ditch your New Year Resolution Day. Let’s take five popular resolutions and just say NO!



The most widespread New Year resolution is weight loss. People want those extra pounds which appeared with the excesses of Christmas gone, and look for magic diets to help them. Ditch the dream and check the research which has shown that sensible healthy eating in moderation, coupled with exercise or sport is really the best way forward.



Quitting smoking is another resolution of millions of people throughout the world and everyone agrees that stopping is a good thing. Success only comes with true determination, a lot of willpower and the genuine desire to stop. Struggling smokers, it is time to ditch it when you admit you don’t want to stop, or complacency leads you to think that just one cigarette can’t hurt now, can it?



We all know someone who has handed over a first hefty monthly payment by signing up to go to the gym after Christmas. Many hope the mere action of parting with cash is the kick start to fitness. It can be so intimidating to find a sea of lyra clad body beautiful’s using all that complicated equipment and not even breaking a sweat. It isn’t such a surprise that the percentage of new gym members who decide never to return is over 20%!



Getting out of debt – who are we kidding? Each one of us are in debt in some way, it happens to people, banks and nations alike.



The final New Year resolution we suggest throwing in the bin is getting organised. If your natural way has been one of cluttered chaos all your life, it can be highly stressful to attempt to change the habit. Having a tidy desk doesn’t necessarily result in finding things sooner or make you work smarter. We say if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Maybe next year your resolution could be to not have a resolution. But if you have ever broken one, we’d love to hear from you.

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