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Meet Red Letter Days’ Blogger Ambassadors

We’ve been keeping a secret for a while now, so it’s very exciting to finally be able to reveal it. Red Letter Days is now working with 5 Blogger Ambassadors. They’ll be going on some of our experiences – from the gastronomic to the adrenaline-spiking to the relaxing – and helping us to put the word out about them. We spent a long time immersing ourselves in all kinds of blogs, before making our selection. Each of the final 5 has its own distinctive style, gives passionate and honest opinions and makes for an engaging read.

We are pleased to introduce you to:

Maaike van KuijkPhoto of blonde girl's face

Maaike’s wide scope of interests span travel, photography and theatre. Although she calls herself an amateur photographer, her stunning and plentiful photographs are one of the draws of her blog, Travellous World, which has garnered well-deserved travel blog awards. Reading her post on the lush Cheddar Gorge in Somerset made us want to dig out our hiking boots and cameras. That she works full-time makes the extent of her explorations and its documenting all the more impressive.

Originally from the Netherlands she has lived in London permanently since Nov’ 2015, thanks to “an unhealthy addiction that binds me to the British capital forever”, as she puts it. Her myriad Best of London posts are proof of her love for the city.

Maaike isn’t a fan of heights, snakes or spiders but she’s looking forward to trying anything else from our collection of experiences.

Brunette womanin the woods with a baby in a pramSarah Anguish

BooRooandTiggerToo documents blogger Sarah’s life as a wife and a mother of three children. Her posts are multifarious, always accompanied by gorgeous photos, and convey an honest and friendly style. Alongside her diary entries about family life, there are giveaways, reviews and fashion posts. For a dose of pensive wisdom, read her post ‘A letter to my past pregnant self’.

A fountain of ideas and enthusiasm, Sarah is somebody we know we’re going to learn from.

Sarah has already had a taste of Red Letter Days’ life with a spa day for herself and a friend. She tells us she’s up for giving anything a go, so long as we don’t subject her to things that spin her around.

Kip HakesPhoto of man's face

Dad of 2 Kip writes eloquently about parenting, technology and photography, with a generous helping of thorough reviews and acerbic rants. Kip’s is such a crisp-looking, multi-faceted blog that it’s no surprise he’s a designer by day. We like that he isn’t afraid to speak candidly about the blogosphere and all other aspects of life. A scroll through his posts will give you a taste for his unapologetic and oh-so-true diatribes. Then there are his well-documented theme park visits, which are a source of huge jealousy to us here in the office.

Kip has never tried a Red Letter Days experience, so we’re particularly looking forward to welcoming him to our world. The fearless blogger has already taken a skydive and assures us he’d be up for anything we can throw at him.

Blonde lady with glassesLouise Fairweather

This lovely parenting and lifestyle blogger has 3 young boys whose antics give her plenty of blog material. Louise’s friendly, open style and detailed posts caught our eye straight away. Her posts map her family’s days out, their travels and her own musings on parenting, all helped along by the power of caffeine.

We were green with envy looking at her post on her trip to Dubai. She also posts recipes. Take a look at her Pinterest board, bound to derail any diet.

Already a bit of a Red Letter Days expert, she has experienced our indoor skydive, enjoyed a 3-course meal and taken a cookery class.

Jasmin CharlotteBlonde girl wearing sunglasses

With a blog that features travel, tech and lifestyle, Jasmin Charlotte is a blogger who clearly loves life. If you’re having a couch-potato month to while away the winter, try living vicariously through Jasmin’s sun-drenched holiday snaps and her envy-inducing accounts of events, meals and nights out. We love her post Long Haul Flying: 5 Tips for Anxious and Scared Flyers. It’s full of sturdy advice to help put the fear of flying into perspective.

Jasmin prefers to keep her feet firmly on the ground and she isn’t so keen on creepy crawlies. Other than those caveats, she’s happy to try anything from our extensive catalogue of experiences. An experienced driver thanks to travelling around the country for work, she’s intrigued by our supercar driving experiences.


We can’t wait to start working with Kip, Maaike, Sarah, Louise and Jasmin. Watch this space for our first event.

Images courtesy of our blogger ambassadors.


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